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New questions on apps

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by spman, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. spman

    spman Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I saw many apps inside swipe down from top>click gear icon>click more tab>click application manager>downloaded.

    1 How do I see which apps are from android, which apps are from samsung, which apps are from my cellphone provider?

    2 In gear icon>more tab>application manager>running, how do I know which apps are started to run by the phone and which apps are run by me? Did I forgot to stop running some apps or should these apps be running at all times?
    For example I see over 20 app under running such as Maps, Samsung WatchOn, Weather Widget, McAfee Security, Filter.
    See all my apps under "running":

    3 Do you guys frequently need to go to gear icon>more tab>application manager>running to shut down things there?

    4 I heard that after using an app, if I only click the back button, the app might still be running? Whats the proper way of shutting down an app?

    5 In gear icon>more tab>application manager>all, i click once to select the app. Some of the app have a "Uninstall" button, some of the apps have a "Disable" button, does it mean that if I click uninstall, the app will be deleted from my phone? I assume those apps that have the "Uninstall button" means that they are not really important and can be reinstalled again by myself?


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  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    1. In the Downloads tab, all of that is stuff you downloaded. Apps installed by your carrier or Samsung cannot be seen there. They can only be seen in the "All" tab.

    2. All of these have been started because the app serves a service which may not be related to the app itself. For example, if you enable location services in Facebook, it will also open the Maps background service. Basically just leave them alone. Its just there for you to see which services are running based on your setup. If you want to decrease them, change the settings for the apps requesting these services.

    3. No. I have never done that. To give an example, I have never done that even once since acquiring my current phone. It is inadvisable and a waste of battery, because any service you shut down, if it is required by another app you have running, will just start back up.

    4. Depends on the nature of the app. Generally these apps stop running but are just "paused" in the background so that when you get back at them, they pick up where you left off. After some time, when the device needs more RAM, it clears the app automatically. Some apps treat the back button as exit, such as games for example.

    5. Only the apps you have downloaded and installed yourself will have the uninstall button. So if you want them again, just get them again from play store.

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