New reminder app for dementia carers


Hi I look after my mum who has dementia. The app I've launched is so I can ensure she takes her medication whilst I'm looking after my kids and hanging on to my job. It delivers messages recorded in advance on the app to home phones in the UK & US. Please try it (it's free for 30 days) and review it if you like it. The play store listing is:

Are you caring for someone that needs frequent reminders and doesn’t have a smartphone? Do you find that you are busy with work and family just at the times that you need to remind a loved one to take medication or attend an appointment? Using this app you record reminders in advance, the message is delivered as a phone call with your voice to their home phone Notifications back to your smartphone let you know if they listened to your message. For carers of people with Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s and other conditions to remind their loved ones of important recurring or one-off events by a voice message to their home phone.

Nudgu Reminders helps you to balance the care to your loved one with your other everyday commitments. You record brief messages in advance, such as a medication reminder or just a simple hello. Then Nudgu will phone your loved one, playing your message at just the right time – even if you’re not available or your smartphone is switched off.

As dementia carers we developed Nudgu to help our mum, who was becoming more forgetful to continue to live independently. Mum has dementia, but needs to take medication at set times for diabetes. We are a regular family with jobs and children. We simply cannot be there for Mum as much as we would like. That’s why we developed the Nudgu (Nudge You) Reminder service. Here are some reasons why this service has made such a difference to us:
We don’t live close to mum, but this allows her to continue to live at her home
We feel relieved that mum is being reminded of these important things when we can't be there or call
We feel less guilty as we just can’t be with her all of the time
We’re reassured that she receives the messages because the service confirms delivery
Mum has more structure to her day now – We used to worry that she wasn’t remembering to take meals


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Thread bump. Anyone who has a parent with dementia or Alzheimer's knows how easy it is to lose track of time when you're dealing with family, work, and everything else.