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new ROM 2.37 !?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rocky4u, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Rocky4u

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    Sep 4, 2010

    Sep 4, 2010

    Has anyone tested CCLabs ROM Android 2.3.7?
    ?CCLabs ROM??CCLabs_3GW100_2.3.7_V1.0_?Phone????_?Phone??

    Copied from the thread:
    [​IMG] Posted at 2011-12-4 19:44 | This Author

    Currently this version without the extensive testing (brothers, it is no way to test a person too much), so now tentatively scheduled for the beta.
    Hope you found what the problem could post this, as soon as possible in order to improve this ROM, feedback please:CCLabs ROM??_?Phone??
    due to time issues, this edition being still use the official kernel. After overclocking the kernel is updated. The current test work: phone SMS cellular network WiFi GPS (positioning works well) gravity sensor light sensor (automatically adjusts the brightness without pressure) close to the sensor video (good quality) audio playback vibration 3D camera (rear) USB mass storage .... known bug: black and white camera (available for filming, but click on the camera that black and white) power down (cause is known and addressed in the) two touch (only just found the test missed, The following provides a key tool to fix) TODO: fix Brownout correction camera black and white issue to enable the front camera overclocking kernel ...Download:CCLabs_3GW100_2.3.7_V1.0.rar?????|????-????-?????? with a key compressed package Brush batch treatment, while a super-brief brush machine instructions. Two touch a button to correct package (connected mobile phone and turn on USB debugging mode double-click the "two amendments. Bat" to):two touch a button to correct package. rar (232.31 KB, Downloads: 1761)



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