Root New Rom from MrBobrowitz

Steam Rom 4.0
"Fastest ROM in the West"

Built partially from Cyan's Source, with my little additions to make it that much better than before!

Credit for A2SD, Compcahe go to Cyanogen and ChrisSoyars, without their work this Rom would not be what it is today.

- Zipaligned System (Improves Speed, loading times)
- Deodexed System for applying themes
- Apps2SD (credit ChrisSoyars)
- Native IM App
- Longer Duration between wifi scans
- LauncherPro (IMO best launcher on the Market)
- Compcache (credit to Cyanogen)
- HQ Youtube
- HQ Video Recording
- Custom Scripts (Listed Below)
- Webkit (credit Cyanogen)

Steam Rom Changelog (Updated 5-19)

Pre-4.0 (Major Upgrade)
- Launcher Pro officially intergrated
- Improved Speed
- Improved Battery Life
- Scripts added (more than before)
- Fixed wired tethering to actually work
- YouTUbe HD hack
- Steam COntrol Room (aka Spare Parts)
- A2sd integrated (works, but still in testing, credit ChrisSoyars)
- Compcache enabled (credit to cyanogen thanks guys :)
- Force Close fixes for Helix and other launchers from 3.3.2

- Added LauncherPro beta as an optional launcher (recommended)
- Wifi Scans Changed for increased battery life
- Scroll screen added to both Home and LauncherPro beta
- Constantly updating files until A2SD is fully ready
- Theme Steam Overlayed for streamlined performance
- Original Fc's eliminated

For reasons i would not like to discuss this is not being posted from my own account because it has been temporarily banned o_O, so my good friend is taking the job up for me.

You can find me on the shoutbox app (included in the ROM) or email me at, also in IRC in #SteamRom

All files can be found in Rom Manager or from the links below
Steam Rom 4.0-test5 Stock

Steam Rom 4.0-test5 Smoke Theme


Android Enthusiast
I've been running this for about 6 hours today, I do like it as I have been running Steam 3.x for about 2 weeks. It has nice additions, I'm sure many will appreciate the Apps2SD! I should note that I do not know what the Webkit is yet, admittedly this may have changed my judgment if I spent more time with it.)

I have switched back to BBv1 as it is just too damn fast not to use! Not only was there a difference in my SetCPU ms benchmark scores (of course there was, no biggie) but more importantly, the speed difference was noticeable during normal operation; mostly during screen transitions. As soon as more themes are out for Steam 4.x (like dark edge blue), I will try it again. Till then, I'm back on the beast.