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[New Rom] KrazyKoderICS-MIUI-3.2-Ubuntu

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by prl91, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. prl91

    prl91 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This ROM is based off of Vicious's Miui Ics Rom and runs the ICS 4.0.1 framework.
    The Rom comes with Ubuntu 10.10 prepackaged inside system/tools along with the Android Kitchen, which is used to make creating Roms easier. I take no credit for creating the ubuntu arm img or the Android Kitchen. I do however take credit for numerous scripts, enhancements and all other sorts of mods done to modify the Rom, ubuntu img, and various other aspects of the system.
    The Rom is overclocked at boot to roughly 1.8Ghz and stays there. You can overwrite this with various market apps if you want a lower speed, although I find it to be quite stable.​
    How To Use Built In Ubuntu And Kitchen
    Upon first bootup of the Rom you will need to sign in to the market and download your favorite terminal app. I didn't package one because everyone seems to have a certain one they prefer. Once installed, go under SuperUser and enable Root Access. Then enter your terminal app and type 'su'. Then enter 'boom.sh', which will initiate various scripts I created and will start writing Ubuntu to your sdcard(which needs atleast 2.5-3g free) and creates a loop where everything, including the kitchen, is installed. After successful installation (which will take a while), run 'upd.sh' in the Ubuntu environment and install the required packages to run the Android Kitchen(Internet access required). Incase your 4g or 3g doesn't lock-on, find the app LTE OnOff and toggle between CDMA Auto (PRL) and CDMA+LTE/EVDO Auto. Your phone will lock-on after a min or two. Now that you have done all of that, you can start the Android Kitchen by typing './menu' in the Ubuntu terminal environment. There is one known error, and it is only ran into when trying to zip-align the apks in the rom. It needs to have ia32-libs installed, but to do that you'll have to find it manually and install it. I plan to find it when I have a little more free time, I'm a college student ; ) If you have any questions about my rom, have any issues with it, or would like to give a shoutout to Vicious for making the base Rom, or dsixda for making the Android Kitchen, feel free! I hope to do a lot more with this project, although this is already the 25th rendition to get things smoothed out ; ) Anyways, have fun, cook up some roms, and download everything here http://db.tt/tOmrrX0l...
    Also make sure to have the screen on while running the 'boom.sh' script! Sometimes the phone will restart if not, but will install it fine the second time around if you forgot to leave the screen on. Weird bug, I know lol​

    Mirror1: KrazyKoderICS-MIUI-3.2-Ubuntu.zip
    Mirror2: KrazyKoderICS-MIUI-3.2-Ubuntu.zip

    I also have a rom that installs Ubuntu to your internal memory if anyone would prefer that. The install is much faster for one, plus if you have no extra space on your SD it could be useful. The downside is that it will only leave roughly 45mb in your internal memory when booted. I won't put up any links unless someone asks for it. Also... if you downloaded the rom or are thinking about it, Leave feedback and suggestions! Thanks! I'm also working on a rom that shares Linux and android properties. It will be ICS based naturally :p If you have any ideas for that, let me know!

    UPDATE: The new update feature has been created! Besides just updating various user selected areas of the rom, it also does installations and many more things I will be adding soon. To install the updater simply download http://tinyurl.com/6sc8kks It's a file named 'toolkit.sh'. Just move the file to /system/bin, go to terminal, type 'su' and then 'toolkit.sh'. I think you guys will like it : ) By the way... If you have trouble moving it to system/bin just go to the terminal, type 'su' and then 'sysrw'. It will automatically mount the system for you so you can move the file!

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  2. Nexus Rannic

    Nexus Rannic Newbie

  3. prl91

    prl91 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sure. I'll make a reply with a few.
  4. prl91

    prl91 Newbie
    Thread Starter

  5. azlou1210

    azlou1210 Newbie

    Anybody else having a hard time downloading this file? I've tried 5 times, still can't download it. Advice?
  6. bustedukulele

    bustedukulele Newbie

    yeah I couldn't download it either. Eta was 5 hours and then it crapped out on me
  7. azlou1210

    azlou1210 Newbie

    Finally got it.
  8. azlou1210

    azlou1210 Newbie

    Is running the Ubuntu tools a must after installation or is it optional?
  9. azlou1210

    azlou1210 Newbie

    Tested the ROM. A couple of things:
    1. Busy box is not included and wont allow titanium backup to run without it.
    2. Mms does not work.
    3. Suggest updating the bootup splash screen... it looks like a normal computer booting. Maybe customize the bootup with your own animations?
    4. Google logon had issues. Took me 4 log in attempts before it finally let me into my email.

    Otherwise it looks like the miui ROM. Not bad otherwise.
  10. prl91

    prl91 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sorry for the wait everyone! The main thread is over at the thunderboltforums. But to answer your questions, the toolkit is not required, but it adds new functions to the rom and adds fixes to the rom automatically as I come out with them. As for busybox, it is installed, with the run-parts included. Sorry that you're having issues with that.

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  11. azlou1210

    azlou1210 Newbie

    What's the link to that forum so we can see those comments too please?
  12. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    also,im moving this to the root subforum,so the rooted kids will see it. i know alot of us dont venture over here as often ;)
  13. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    found the link,for those interested:

    [New Rom] KrazyKoderICS-MIUI-3.2-Ubuntu

    i personally thing 1.8 is too high a clock speed for the initial boot. those interested in running this rom may wish to post on that thread that 1.4 might be a better suited to all phones initial clock speed.

    this should hopefully be exciting for the miui fans :)
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  14. adamxbenett

    adamxbenett Lurker

    flashed once to try it out and got to say i love it...speed is great, stability si great..doing a clean wipe/flash now and this will be my primary rom..was looking at the newer android 4.0.3-4.0.4 roms and alot of things were broken butthis one everything works including video recording!...one question i have to ask tho..you know the game nfs most wanted? some reason framerate is lower compared to 4.0.3..is there a way to increase it? like say installing pimpmyrom and disabling vsync or is there a better way cause i love this rom as everything i have works and dont wanna goto any others..i know its not a cpu problem cause even at 768mhz game runs fine on 4.0.3 so thinking it has to do with gpu settings
  15. DSO617

    DSO617 Lurker

    This ROM sounds great. I just rooted my TB (thx to this site) and now looking for the latest most stable ROM. I'm new to rooting and a virgin on ROMs. I see there are ROMs in the app store, but not this one. How do I install MIUI 3.2?? I currently have ROM manager installed and unsure what's a good choice.

    Currently, I'm on version 2.3.1. Sense 2.1

    I'll continue to search these threads, and YouTube for ways, but figured to ask here.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  16. pjebus

    pjebus Lurker

    Pictures fail to send and texts that include pictures are never received. I have tried stock and gosms and both fail. I have also tried many repair methods from various sites.

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