New ROM syncs with all Android Phones?


So there is finally a custom ROM available for Samsung Gear 2. I found a place to download Gear Manager and put my watch in recovery to allow the bluetooth to sync, I had previously had it synced with a friend's GS3, just so I could enjoy having a few apps on it. Iknew I wouyld have to erase everything. I put the watch back to uninitiated stock. It would be easy for me to flash the custom ROM again, but my gear manager (G4S with 4.2.2) has entered an endless loop that gives me the following error message.

Unable to connect to Gear. Connecting to the Gear is not supported by your mobile device,or your softwware needs to be updated. Check that your mobile device is able to connect to Gear, then update your mobile software.

Not really sure what to do now, the whole point of the new custom ROM is to allow it to sync with any Android phone. I am going to re-flash the custom ROM on my watch, and then uninstall and re-install Gear Manager on my GS4. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?


The Gear 2 should work with the S4 without the need for a custom ROM. You just need your S4 on the stock TouchWiz (if you aren't already), and probably have it updated to 4.4.x. When I got my Gear 2, my S5 automatically discovered it without problems.