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New "Root" Method For Z981(Zmax Pro)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ext_0l2s, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. ext_0l2s

    ext_0l2s Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Dear Android Forums,

    Me and my "team" on our discord.
    Have found a true free root method for your beloved ZTE Zmax Pro(Z981).
    In our time of being secluded from forums, hiding our discoveries.
    We have gotten quite a lot done and have gotten hold of a working firehose.
    Thanks to y'all who still believe root will come.
    Today's that day.

    - Ext_0l1s



    Most Credited People:
    Loonycgb2 -
    Amazing Advice and for helping fix bugs in our custom ROMs
    Astr4y4L - Amazing Advice
    messi2050 - Amazing Advice and for helping Armando and I, make custom ROMs for this device.
    Armando - For Testing, Developing Custom ROM's and TWRP. Also for being totally cool.
    Y314K - For hosting our Discord server and for being cool.
    Testers -
    For helping Armando and I fix bugs in our custom ROMs.
    Everyone at our Discord. - For being patient and awesome the whole way through
    Android Forums - For allowing this to be posted

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  2. Y314K

    Y314K Well-Known Member

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  3. arcatech

    arcatech Lurker

    yeah finally though
  4. SoonersChuck

    SoonersChuck Newbie

    Seeing you all and your persistence and dedication to this project....Makes me still believe in this human race

    Awesome job and congrats on a hell of a job well done
  5. Y314K

    Y314K Well-Known Member

    Yeah, It is awesome what a small group of folks with completely different skill sets can achieve as long as they don't give up. We still like to thank everybody that have participated on any testing, debugging, coding or sharing of ideas since this phone was released. This date truly is a Root/Modding Community WIN.

    BTW, Armando, Extolis, Messi & others have been hard at work on different (ASOP, RR, AEX) Nougat ROM's. They should be available as soon as they go stable. Big bugs are squash now. So mostly need to fix some codecs & such. So keep tune for that announcement. Oreo is next too...
  6. okay so I'm a noob when it comes to rooting.
    after I do every step provided,
    what do I do when I first load TWRP?
    Keep Read Only
    Swipe to Allow Modifications
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  7. Y314K

    Y314K Well-Known Member

    Root Cheat Sheet

    1- Backup Phone.

    2- OPTIONAL: Upgrade phone to last available Stock FW. (ZTE servers are back online)

    3- Turn off Screen Locks. Turn on ADB & OEM Unlocking in Developers.

    4- Get Root files.

    5- Install TWRP.
    (Always cancel when Prompted for a Password. Then Swipe To allow Modifications)

    6- Factory RESET phone.

    7- Reboot to TWRP (Hold Volume UP). Do a full TWRP backup.

    8- Stay stock or go Discord.

    9- Root with Magisk.

    10- If you install Discord or any other ROM. U always install ROM, Gapps & always Magisk last. (DO NO UNZIP FILES. TWRP INSTALLS THEM FROM ZIP)

    11- Terminal Mod must be done to fully root phone. (This is needed when ever u reRoot your phone)
    - Reboot & Start setting you phone up by turning on Developer Mode & USB Debugging. And also opening he Magisk App so you can update it.
    - Turn on Unknown Sources for apps. Now install a Terminal APK so you can unlock /System fully.
    - Open the Terminal App and type "su" then enter & allow SU when Magisk askes if you wish to give it Root privileges.
    - Once in # input the following command "reboot disemmcwp". Your phone will reboot. Now you should have full control of /System.

    12- Congrats.

    Guess I might continue to make my detailed instructions for now.
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  8. Astr4y4L

    Astr4y4L LgPWN'd~ on XDA or TG ~ Lead Developer CEO A-Team
    Recognized Developer

    WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
    Finally Made the Big time At Last Boys :p

    LGTGOL Lurker

    Screenshot_20180819-081038.png Screenshot_20180819-080945.png Screenshot_20180819-081019.png Wow 2 years!! The most simplified root method I've tried.
    Thanks a million.
    My zmp has new life.
    Glad zte put ROW on this device. My favorite I/O scheduler.
    Added init.d and xposed so far. Can't wait for Resurrection Remix or Lineage OS.
    Keep rocking and rolling guys and gals.!
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  10. Astr4y4L

    Astr4y4L LgPWN'd~ on XDA or TG ~ Lead Developer CEO A-Team
    Recognized Developer

    If you'd like an Invite to the Discord PM/DM me and I'll get you in to test RR or Lineage OS.
    We always need testers
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  11. MatreyuC

    MatreyuC Member

    Figures, now that it's finally here my sister has already broken my Zmax. Congrats though!
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  12. Charly31

    Charly31 Lurker

    How too root z981 sans pc
  13. jaybaby31559

    jaybaby31559 Lurker

    Does this method work for metro Z MAX PRO cause it's not Z981.....it's Z982 same phone tho
  14. Nyrixa

    Nyrixa Newbie

    @jaybaby31559: The Metro ZTE Zmax Pro is the Z981. I have that exact phone, the screen capture below should prove as such. I'm actually getting ready to try this method on my Zmax Pro.

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  15. Za Doctor

    Za Doctor Lurker

    Could i get a stock twrp backup please because oem unlock was not enabled
  16. jaybaby31559

    jaybaby31559 Lurker

    I have z982.. does this work for me?
  17. [QUOTE = "ext_0l2s, post: 7792906, member: 2077379"] Estimados foros de Android:

    Yo y mi "equipo" en nuestra discordia.
    Has encontrado un verdadero método de raíz libre para tu querido ZTE Zmax Pro (Z981) .
    En nuestro tiempo de estar apartado de los foros, ocultando nuestros descubrimientos.
    Hemos hecho bastante y hemos conseguido una bocina de trabajo.
    Gracias a todos ustedes que todavía creen que la raíz vendrá.
    Hoy es ese día.

    - Ext_0l1s

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------


    La mayoría de las personas acreditadas:
    Loonycgb2 -
    Amazing Advice y para ayudar a corregir errores en nuestras ROM personalizadas
    Astr4y4L - Asesoramiento increíble
    messi2050 - Amazing Advice y para ayudar a Armando y a mí, crear ROM personalizados para este dispositivo.
    Armando: para pruebas, desarrollo de ROM personalizadas y TWRP. También por ser totalmente genial.
    Y314K: p
    I want to root my zte z max pro as I get magisk?
    I want to root my zte z max pro as I get magisk?
  18. jaybaby31559

    jaybaby31559 Lurker

  19. jaybaby31559

    jaybaby31559 Lurker

    But I have z982 zmax not pro
  20. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

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  21. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

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  22. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    Once again.. No.
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  23. jaybaby31559

    jaybaby31559 Lurker

    Still currently none for z982? thanks in advance
  24. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Your question has been answered 3 times already. This root method does not work for the Z982.
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  25. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    When I posted my response earlier, it was due to something about the kernel (I read somewhere in previous Root guide for this device).. I no longer see that reference anywhere so that may actually invalidate what I said. Ya could recommend trying said Root method just to see if it works, but it could also potentially brick it due to unforseen/unknown variables between devices. The choice is yours to jump in or run like crazy but continually asking a question that no one has the answer to isn't productive here. BE that person who tried it and reported back. But me? I'm very careful about using Root methods for different devices cuz sometimes they come with files that may conflict or brick it. Some Root methods actually switch out kernels on ya. And in general, I'm done with ZTE devices and so is most of America, time to move on, Lol..
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