Help New S8 - general queries??


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I have just setup my first Samsung phone.
Sadly, after being an HTC fan, but my carrier (and most others) no longer stock their phones (and I like to avail of purchase thru contract).

I have some queries:
1. Wi-fi keeps showing exclamation marks at home and work, old phones didn’t do this! Has this handset any know Wi-Fi reception issues?
2. Wi-Fi codes haven’t come thru automatically from google a/c backup? Though this didn’t happen with last phone, and I think only worked in 1-2 older upgrades, just annoying having to re-enter them again, when they should be present!
3. Text messages have changed (I think) to chat, that may use data, how do I revert back to plain old SMS?

1. Bixby – unused as yet, but why oh why is it where it is? Every time I lock/unlock my phone in one hand, the Bixby button also gets activated, is there a reason for this location?
2. Phone/contacts – this was much superior in HTC.


I think Bixby still only speaks and understands Korean, and is only in Korea. The release of English and Mandarin Bixby has been delayed apparently.

Can't really comment about Samsung vs HTC. As I've never owned an HTC, and I just don't see many anyway.
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