Sep 6, 2015
Hi, I bought two new 32GB SD cards yesterday. One for my LG G4 phone and one for my wife's phone. Anyway i popped the SD card into my phone knowing that i had next to nothing on my old SD card and wasn't going to lose anything. I've not done my wife's SD card yet tho because her old 2GB SD card (that;s still in her phone) is full to the top with photo's.

What's the easiest way to transfer the photo's on her old SD card onto her new 32GB SD card and for everything to work perfectly in her phone ?

BTW i'm guessing 32GB is an okey size for the price. I could have bought bigger cards, but i'm guessing that going from 2GB to 32GB should last a while just taking the odd photos now and again. Oh and the 2GB cards were originally out of our old Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini phones.
Whenever I've transferred stuff from one SD Card to another, I've used the PC as a go between. Plug the old phone in to the PC, open Windows Explorer, copy to a folder on the PC. Plug in the new phone/SD Card and copy the contents of the folder to the SD Card.

Does she have any apps etc installed on her SD Card at the moment?
No, not as far as i know. It's just got photos on and she wants to keep them all.
Do you have to format the SD card first ?
Ok, in case she does have apps, they won't work.

The new card should be preformatted, but if it's not, you should get the option to do so when you insert it in to the phone for the first time.
Just a note of caution, when you're on your computer/laptop to copy your data off and onto your old and new microSD cards be sure to unmount each first before removing them, don't just pull them out of the slot. Physically those cards are relatively sturdy, you can drop them on the floor or whatever but internally their file systems are a little more fragile. They can get corrupted pretty easily, so the few seconds it takes to unmount them isn't that big a deal.

Also, if you don't have some kind of online backup/sync solution set up (preferably automatically in the background) you should give some serious thought about doing so. If something happens to your phone or your microSD card fails, you already have your photos and videos backed up online so you won't lose anything. Plus if you're syncing between your phone(s) and your computer/laptop you don't have to mess with transferring files back and forth.
If you use Windows a lot OneDrive is a good option since Microsoft is integrating it into so many of its services, otherwise Google Drive or Dropbox are popular and versatile. If you're using something like Google Photos as your photo manager that has backup/syncing integrated into it.
Google Drive