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New Software Update - 2.29.405.7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by erehwon13, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. erehwon13

    erehwon13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've just received an OTA update on my unlocked Desire - 2.29.405.7.

    I've seen that there was a 2.29.405.2 update back in December but I can't find anything about this one. Has anyone else had the update? Am I very late with this or very early?

    I don't know what version I had before unfortunately but I always install any update I get.

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  2. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Not heard of that but after 2.29.405.2 was 2.29.405.5
  3. erehwon13

    erehwon13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Haven't noticed any differences yet. All seems to be working fine. Strange that no-one else has got the update.
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Are you sure its .7? If you google 2.29.405.7, this thread is the only result on google relating to android at all.
  5. erehwon13

    erehwon13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That's what I found bizarre when I first got the update. I googled it to see what had changed and came up with zilch.

    I do keep checking to make sure I haven't made a mistake but it still says .7!
  6. hm I noticed an update yesterday (or rather my phone prompted me about it), but I pressed it away as I was in the middle of harassing estate agents. Strangely now that I have the time to properly look at it, the update is nowhere to be seen.

    Dang you murphy!
  7. Okay, interesting after fact .....
    I turned my wireless off and did another check for updates .. and behold it found it :thinking:

    This is marked as "Update: System Enhancement 6.02"
    Not sure what it exactly is.. or offers new
  8. Demonhotrod

    Demonhotrod Well-Known Member

    I just did the exact same thing and I too have this update. When I searched with Wifi on, it said that no new updates were available...odd
  9. erehwon13

    erehwon13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm glad other people are getting the update now. :) I thought I was in my own little HTC Desire world. (I did see a Smurf walking past the other day)
  10. I got this update today so far the only changes I have found are:

    Voicemail no longer works from speeddial 1. The error message is "Missing voicemail number - No voicemail number is stored on the SIM card". When I choose the "add number" option the number it shows under Voicemail service "my carrier" and if I go into Voicemail settings ("settings for my carrier") the number is correct.

    The phone is now slower to scroll screens and for widgets to update are the only things I noticed on this update.
  11. So, anyone know 1) what this update is 2) what it adds or fixes?
  12. gerenmoor

    gerenmoor Newbie

    This won't install on my debranded Orange Desire because of the nasty ro.cid checks it contains (thanks HTC - you've convinced me to buy a Samsung next).

    Unzipped the file and looked in META-INF/com/android/metadata and it says:


    If that means its an upgrade to Android 2.2.2, it would probably be to fix the bug which DroidDream exploited. Better late than never.

    Can anyone confirm that their software version is 2.2.2 instead of 2.2 after applying this? It might make it worth me jumping through the hoops to get it on mine. Thanks
  13. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    create a goldcard?

    for those that have successfully updated, can you boot to hboot (voldown+power) and let us know the hboot version number please
  14. Hi, it is 2.2.2
  15. hboot is 0.93.0001

  16. The phone no longer dials speed dial 1 as voicemail despite the number being set. Any ideas ?
  17. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    thanks, still likely to be rootable via the current methods then
  18. alexp86

    alexp86 Newbie

    Just updated - mine also refuses to dial the voicemail via speed dial 1. Very annoying!
  19. mcrobbj

    mcrobbj Lurker

    Yes its just 2.2.2 (not htcsense.com as promised, not 2.3 as promised) absolutely nothing but a fix for a security problem from march of this year.

    think my next phone won't be an htc
  20. fataltrash

    fataltrash Lurker

    Hi guys new here, got this firmware update about a week ago and yes had exact same probs, no voicemail number. im uk on orange network. rang customer services 150 they sent sim settings update, read elete power off back on usual thing still no voicemail. rang htc technical line they said it must be your sim card. range back orange and threatened toi leave, hey presto new sim card 2 days later. in phone activated and nope still no voicemail. rang htc technical again they said try a hard reset.. cheers lost all my stuff cos you cant save ALL apps to sd. never the less still no voicemail and they dont know what it could be. looked around to root and install custom rom thinking that may fix the answerphone thing but unrevoked 3 only works on 2.1 or less. this phone now sucks donkey nuts and i want an iphone. swap any 1? even for a tatty old 3gs lol.
  21. I got this a couple of days ago, but since I couldn't find any info on it, I decided not to install it :|
  22. erehwon13

    erehwon13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I've now got round to trying to root my phone and have failed miserably. I've been trying Unrevoked (a few times) and it fails, asking if I have a new firmware installed (or something like that).

    Do you think HTC has patched the phone so the current rooting methods won't work?

    I've looked around the forums and Unrevoked seems to be the best option for the Desire. Has anyone got any other suggestions?

    Just to confirm:
    Android version: 2.2.2

    I wish I hadn't updated now. :(

  23. erehwon13

    erehwon13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    OK, scrap my last comment. After looking through the excellent posts on this forum (especially SUroot's guide to rooting) I've found I had made a couple of mistakes. I now have a rooted phone!

    So which ROM to install ... ?
  24. fataltrash

    fataltrash Lurker

    Hi erehwon. With regards you managed to root your phone could you point me in the right direction on how to do this. The problems I'm having with sluggy screens no voicemail screen freezing and pictures now not being viewable is realy pushing me away from HTC. I would not recommend this phone to an enemy at the moment and to be quite honest. If I brick this phone trying to root and fit a custom Rom at least it could start to fit some use as a door stop or toy for my 4 year old daughter. All my last phones have been Nokia or Sony Ericsson and this phone is realy starting to dissuade me from any form of new touch screen!!
  25. erehwon13

    erehwon13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi Fataltrash,

    Yes, I took the plunge and rooted my phone. After a couple of false starts it went quite well and I now have Cyanogenmod 7.1 installed with 1GB of memory for my apps and very happy with it. It will last me at least another year - until my contract runs out! :D I didn't really have any speed problems but 140MB for apps is woefully low.

    So, what did I do? Most of the info I got from this forum, of course. Start with All Things Root. From there, follow the link to SUroot's Rooting with Unrevoked guide. (My mistake here was that I had set my apps to install onto the SD card and so Unrevoked didn't work. Changing it back solved my problem)

    I then wanted to find a simple ROM to install. I chose Cyanogenmod because it is popular and it has an addon to easily use some of the SD card for app storage. See this post about S2E. (Sorry - its about Data2Ext but has some useful comments about Simple2Ext)

    I hope that helps. And good luck!
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