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New? START HERE BEFORE ASKING!!!! (The mostly noob proof guide....) UPDATED

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nomorefear, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. nomorefear

    nomorefear Member
    Thread Starter

    I have started this thread so that I can relieve the forum of senseless noob Q and A. :D

    The reason this being is that an ARM6 processor (our phone has this) will not allow Flash to function properly without ruining your phone. The Droid Eris community (which I was a part of not too long ago) got this to work with an ARM6 but it was BAD BAD news. The only proper processor is an ARM7.

    Do not ask for estimated times of arrival from developers. REPEAT. No asking for ETA's from devs.
    It is proper etiquette to let our devs do things on their own time. They are not our employees and they have their own lives to attend to first. No sniveling when someone cracks the whip if you ask for an ETA. This has been a public service announcement, thank you for your consideration.

    1- Dictionary

    ADB- Android Developers Bridge: The program used to talk to your phone and give it commands (USE IT ONLY IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE LEARNING)

    Root/Rooting- Getting the administrative control i.e, "hacking", "jailbreak", etc, etc...... Root is also defined as the base folder of your SD card. If you are told to place a file into root then this is what is meant. REMEMBER-root/rooting-admin control OR base folder on SD card. Please re read instructions you find in the forums throughly so that you may be able to save yourself some time and heartache.

    Superuser- program which gives authority for another program to have Root access. Program examples are "setcpu", "terminal emulator", "auto killer memory optimizer"

    Recovery- a useful tool that allows root users to flash roms, reinstall backups, and do many other fantastic things to help keep your phone from becoming a brick.

    Flash/flashing- the action of "installing" a file that isnt normally installed by conventional means i.e. flashing a rom, flashing a radio, flashing a kernel, etc etc

    Brick- making a device useless so that it is rendered a mass of uselessness i.e. PWNED

    Terminal Emulator- a program which simulates ADB and basically is a way to communicate with the phone and provide a command language that is for upper eschelon (1337) users to helm.

    Nand backup- In your recovery terminal there is an option to make a "Nand backup". This is a restore point or in gaming terms a save point. As most of us gamers know, if you save before you go further in the game and you make a poor choice then you can reset and go back to where you started. This is the same thing but for your phone

    Kernel Easiest way to put it: it is the thing that manages your system resources. This puppeh can help make your phone run better and also overclock it.

    Overclocking Dont worry I wasnt gonna leave this term out. This is written for newbs so lets just say this is the term for making your phone run faster. IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Overclocking your phone too far can make it seize up or go into bootloops if done incorrectly! It can also make your phone run hot. BEWARE!!!!

    PRL Preferred Roaming List: This is just an updated list of what cellphone towers have been added to the system. This means better coverage when updated

    2- Rooting
    Phones that came out of the closet....er...box I mean, with 2.2 ONLY!
    Google search for "z4 root.apk" or use this nice little link: [APP] z4root - xda-developers

    Phones that came with 2.2.1 out of the box:
    Gingerbreak 2.2.1 one click root

    First step I do to install any program I find on the net to get onto my phone is to use "androzip" (found on marketplace) to browse my sd card and find the .apk file I put (usually just place something where you can find it).
    Use the permanent root option and you should have a new rooted phone!


    3- Recovery Menu
    Please see the link below for the recovery menu. THIS IS THE FIRST STEP IN PUTTING MODS ON YOUR PHONE


    (NAND)- Please make a Nand backup as soon as you have this recovery terminal so that you can start messing with your phone and have a restore point in case you noob up your phone

    4-Installing a Rom
    This is so easy that your cat can do it while playing SEGA!!!

    TO INSTALL A ROM (clean install)
    /!\ WARNING: flash at your own risk and make sure you have over fifty percent battery and do not interrupt the flashing procedure. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

    -Place the .zip folder in the root folder on your SD card.
    -Turn phone off
    -Press Vol down+ Home +Power and release at LG Logo
    -When in the Recovery menu use the volume down key to navigate onto "flash zip from sd card", use the button on the face of your phone that has the two boxes icon on it (the left most button) to make your selection
    -Use the volume down key to find your .zip file and use the leftmost button again to select
    -Let phone run its job. Phone should return to normal startup screen

    Please visit the links below so that you may enjoy the works of our handy Developers (please give them thanks and be nice since they are the ones who gives us all the nifty things we enjoy)


    edodonnell (rom) and joneidy (for the method)

    CM7 Newest GB rom by Reppard

    Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7 ROM from Joneidy here


    These apps can safely be removed from the LG Optimus M. (Big Thanks to edodonnell for this list)

    Just because an app is listed here does not necessarily mean that it is useless or that you will want to remove it. It only means that it can safely be removed without damaging anything else.

    If you remove an .apk, then you can also remove the corresponding .odex. Not all apps will have an .odex.

    I (nomorefear) delete only the .apk files after backing up the files up on my computer so that I may reinstall them if need be.

    Apps safe to remove:
    AnalogClockWidget.apk - Analog Clock widget
    Boingo_Wi-Fi.apk - Boingo WiFi
    Calculator.apk - Calculator
    Calendar.apk - Calendar App
    CalendarProvider.apk - Supports the calendar. Remove only if Calendar.apk and CalendarWidget.apk have been removed.
    CalendarWidget.apk - Calendar Widget
    CarHome.apk - Car Home - Remove CarHomeLauncher.apk if this is removed.
    CarHomeLauncher.apk - Car Home Launcher - Linked to CarHome.apk
    ClockWeatherWidget.apk - Clock Weather Widget
    DeskClock.apk - Clock app
    DigitalAlarmWidget.apk - Alarm Clock widget
    DualClockWidget.apk - Dual Clock widget
    Email.apk - Email app - Safe to remove if you use Gmail or some other email app
    GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk - Google Search widget and app
    Homeselector.apk - Home Selector - Will not work if LGHome.apk is removed
    LG-MS690_MetroBackup_1.27_PRODBuild_10082010.apk - MetroBackup
    LGMS690_MetroNavigator_4.9.1_Build_57_10222010_rel _signed_PROD.apk - MetroNavigator
    LGMS690_MetroPCS_EasyWiFi_V4.0.90.apk - EasyWiFi
    Loopt_Android_2.4.1_Oct.13.2010.apk - Loopt
    Metro411.apk - Metro411
    metroappstore-v1.3a.apk - MetroPCS App Store
    MobileBanking.apk - Mobile Banking
    MobilePosse.apk - MyExtras
    Mocospace-1.2.4.apk - Moco Space
    MPCS-MobileIM- - MobileIM
    Music.apk - Music Player
    MVC.MetroPCS.android02.apk - Virtual Card
    PEX- - Pocket Express
    PGA_Android.apk - Free Games
    Protips.apk - Tips widget
    RSSViewerWidget.apk - RSS Reader
    SNS.apk - LG Facebook and Twitter app
    thinkdroid.apk - Think Free Office
    UNO_DEMO_LG_MS690_EN_NONIGP_MetroPCs_TS_307.apk - UNO Game
    YouTube.apk - YouTube video player
    z7-android2x.apk - Mail@Metro

    These apps SHOULD NOT be removed:
    Browser.apk - MetroWEB - Required for Android Market
    Phone.apk - Phone app/dialer
    Settings.apk - Settings menu
    Talk.apk - Google Talk
    LGHome.apk - Home app (NONONONO dont delete!!!)

    Want to save more space? Delete the ringtones and notifications that you do not like!
    If you feel comfortable with root explorer (like you two are going steady or at least have gone to second base) then please try this out:

    Use a file explorer (root explorer is best IMO) that can also modify system apps,
    -navigate to system
    -go to media
    -click notifications or ringtones (dont play with the ui sounds please)
    -delete whichever sounds you do not like (most file explorers can play the tone right in the system so you can decide on the spot)

    Want a fast phone?? (only grandma doesnt.... are you grandma? No? Thought so!!! >:p)
    OVERCLOCK THAT SON OF A (watch yo mouth!).....
    HUGE FOOKING THANKS TO REPPARD (seriously give that guy some thanks or better yet DONATE)

    Reppards super fantastical Kernel for OC!

    Want a better signal? PRL update your phone!
    Its as easy as calling *228, wait for the prompt and say "update roaming list" and then "yes" when prompted. Let the phone do its stuff and presto chango you should have a better signal.

    Jealous of all those cool android phones that have themes?
    Go here and use the kitchen to theme your rom! This requires a little reading but is so simple a newb.... wait -you- can use it! GO NEWB GO!

    6-Reverting back to whence you came

    Stuck on 2.2.1? Wanna just go back to a regular phone? Downgrade for some odd reason sound good to you?
    andyo70 has made a valid point in a post below so I am going to post his suggestion since its an awesome one... So go:

    here and here

    These two links are the methods proven to get you back to square one. After learning all that you have in this post, I am sure you can follow directions.

    Get "terminal emulator" from the market
    type the word su then press enter then these commands:

    parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 (press enter after each command)

    rm 1 (deletes partition number 1)
    rm 2 (deletes partition number 2)
    rm 3 (if needed. keep going till all partitions are removed)

    HELPFUL HINTEROONIE- If you have a file that you have to put on the sd card first and use adb to install it then do yourself a favor and try using the TERMINAL EMULATOR and place the commands as shown.... This is a hint for those who have overcome their newbness

    I would like to make the blanket THANK YOU to all of our Devs first and foremost and a thank you to all of our testers for taking the risks to make this community what it is.

    Feel free to email me at suffering_fortune@hotmail.com if you have any questions, concerns, or any other matter please. Thank you!

    I also take paypal donations so I can pay for gas and go visit my daughter


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  2. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Android Expert

    This is my first Android phone and I've been bouncing up and down the forums learning about things that can be done after several friends yelled "Root it!" at me. I already like the phone just as it is compared to my previous WinMobile 6.5 phone. I wanted to wait my 7 days/60 minutes before I even thought of tinkering the slightest bit and today's day 8, lol.

    Here's my first question: I don't currently have the balls to go as far as ROM flashing. I'm perfectly content with the current layout and would just like to remove the bloat. Can I delete/move the apks without ROM flashing (essentially skip steps 3 and 4)?

    Secondly, if I go the 'move the bloat' route, can I simply move the apks/odex's back to their phone location or have to reinstall them? And are there any apps besides the danger 3 that cannot simply be put back requiring recovery?
  3. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Android Enthusiast

    if your phone came with 2.2.1,you wont be able to root it anyways....YET!there are people working on that as we speak..but as far as getting all the bloatware off the phone,there is a list on this forum of ALLLL the bloatware thats safe to remove..and MOST of it can be recovered just downloading it off the market or the best site for free pay apps- 4shared.com
  4. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Android Expert

    I read up on that issue first and foremost and my wife and I are both on 2.2, but thanks for the friendly reminder. :)

    I read through the list (which is posted above) but just wanted an idea of what I can put back without using recovery. I'm aware that most of the Metro apps are available from their AppStore, but I wasn't sure if the extra widgets could simply be restored by being put back. Also things like Mobile Banking and the Uno Demo have no obvious reinstall.
  5. nomorefear

    nomorefear Member
    Thread Starter

    Just stick to deleting the.apk's posted above and do not tinker with anything else unless you have step 3 done (recovery) and have made a Nand backup.
    If you wanna delete things on your phone and see what they do then the Nand can restore your phone from an earlier point, kind of like what you can do in Windows with the restore option

    If you have the .apk, then you have to put them on your sd card and navigate to them and install them. you cannot simply put them back on your phone. Think of your phone like a computer. You can put the file back on but then you have to install it for it to work
    Darnell0216 likes this.
  6. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Android Expert

    So I can use those same APKs as reinstallers. That's all I needed to know :). Trust me I don't plan to venture outside what's listed, I just wanted to see if it's possible to restore the apps/phone without having to flash it.
  7. ChazzMatt

    ChazzMatt Android Enthusiast

    Of the apks listed above, yes.

    However, I tried replacing the "metroWEB" browser.apk with generic Android browser apk -- and it didn't work. They both have the same name, but the Metro branded the browser and I wanted regular android browser. So, I switched the apks and "installed" the generic. Screwed stuff up. Market didn't work anymore. I then tried switching the original back, which I had saved on my sd card, and stuff was still screwed up -- even after I "installed" the original.

    browser.apk has to stay. can't remove it, can't "reinstall" it.

    I ended up having to use Andyo70's files to restore my phone.
  8. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Android Expert

    That's exactly what I was trying to avoid. I've since rooted my phone and removed most of the unnecessary Metro apps and widgets on the safe list. I used Titanium Backup to create a full phone backup. Was hoping to get some internal space back out of the deal but it didn't happen >_>. Tempted to force some of the non-widget apps to SD using TB and see if that helps.
  9. ChazzMatt

    ChazzMatt Android Enthusiast

    I would be careful removing this one. Many others say you cannot. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Safe Apps to Remove - SDX-Developers Wiki

    Yeah, they said 2.1 and we use 2.2. Still, I've seen too many people have problems and it can't all be browser.apk related. ;)

    and read this:


    I delete gtalkservices.apk, and now I can't download by Android Market, how can I fix it? - Android Market Help

    Here's the list I would go by... of all the apps you can delete, here's the only ones you should delete if you want:

    You start removing Android stuff like calculator or calendar, that's not really bloatware, that is part of the Android OS. Maybe you can remove it but it's best just to focus on the extra stuff that Metro put on and leave Android stuff alone.
  10. nomorefear

    nomorefear Member
    Thread Starter

    I agree with Talk.apk (I should have proof read better) so when I am done with school later I will make the change. KTHXBAI! ^_^
  11. andyo70

    andyo70 Android Enthusiast

    You're linking to richiedaze's 2.2.1 rooted rom and at the bottom of the thread you can see that I've confirmed it not to be working and richie hasn't made any adjustments to suggest that it would be working. All it will do is kick you back into the recovery menu after rebooting.

    You also neglect one important step. Reverting back to stock, as long as the phone had 2.2 at purchase. You should consider linking to both of my restoration threads, here and here.
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  12. nomorefear

    nomorefear Member
    Thread Starter

    Ive been out of lately since I am a full time student but I will make the necessary changes. I know for a fact that edodonnell has 2.2.1 rooted since that is what I am on. Maybe I should link to that as well.
  13. nomorefear

    nomorefear Member
    Thread Starter

    does this have your seal of approval andyo70? ^_^
    keep in mind this is my first ever full on thread
  14. andyo70

    andyo70 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah why not? You'll have to excuse my delay in response. I've been sick as a dog. Head congestion, fever, chills..... the whole nine.

    Hopefully I'll kick it soon..... the sickness not the bucket. :p
  15. jensmonkey

    jensmonkey Lurker

    any info you can give on how to install 10.1 flash on a 2.2 new phone with no mods? I have a 10.1 flash file on an sd, installed it using a basic app installer, but it dont show and my phone dont have the flash option even after a shutdown and restart with basic power on off? Can you help?
  16. nomorefear

    nomorefear Member
    Thread Starter

    I am sorry jensmonkey but there is no viable way that flash can work on this phone properly (I was a part of the Droid Eris community not too long ago on the XDA forums and they got it working but it was just plain bad for the phone since it could not handle the processor usage and would inevitably ruin your phone). Flash requires an ARM7 processor while ours is an ARM6. SORRY!

    @andyo70, thank you once again for your help and I do hope you get better.
  17. bucketbass

    bucketbass Member

    So how do I use the sdk to use the adb? I assume this is my hang up with the nand back up as it says "performing backup : .................................................
    Error : run 'nandroid-moble.sh' via adb!" How and or what do I do to fix this and use this. Please Help A NOOB that is still learning. I did the custom recovery with terminal on the phone. I never have figured out the whole adb thing. Yes I have tried to find some you tube stuff or something. But it is like everyone just expects you to already know what you’re doing...... If I actually have the sdk setup correctly and then you open the command prompt box but some where hear is where I don't understand how to use the adb... This is first Android and first experience with Linux. Even though I have some friends running Linux on their PC's.
  18. jhevi002

    jhevi002 Lurker

    I agree with bucketbass.. I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how to do the custom recovery and I don't want to give it a whirl until I'm comfortable that I'll actually pull it off. After that I think I can probably handle. My goal is to eventually overclock my processor and get rid of the angry birds lag =P
  19. bucketbass

    bucketbass Member

    To and for my qusstion "So how do I use the sdk to use the adb? I assume this is my hang up with the nand back up as it says "performing backup : .................................................
    Error : run 'nandroid-moble.sh' via adb!" How and or what do I do to fix this and use this. Please Help A NOOB that is still learning. I did the custom recovery with terminal on the phone. I never have figured out the whole adb thing."

    Thank You
  20. richiedaze

    richiedaze Well-Known Member

    Nandroid backup takes a while to complete, please be patient.
    This error is caused by the battery being low or the device is not on the charger!

    Setting up adb is different for each OS. Which system are you running?
  21. dheidemann73

    dheidemann73 Newbie

    how do you do it with win 7?
  22. alfick3

    alfick3 Android Expert

    I down loaded the z4root, also the androzip. I placed z4root on the root of the sdcard and then used androzip to find and install z4r00t. I then ran z4root, it wanted the usb debugging to be running, so I did that. I decided to try just the temp root, just to try it out. It says I got it rooted. I then down loaded and ran a program called root check. It says I have the busy box properly installed, but not rooted. So, what do I do next to find out if I actually have a rooted (albeit temporarily) phone?
  23. alfick3

    alfick3 Android Expert

    I figured it out. I decided to try the permanent root, and this time the root check said I had root. I could also get the root prompt in a terminal app I had down loaded, once I typed su. Before, I couldn't do the su.

    All's well in DFW land.
  24. nomorefear

    nomorefear Member
    Thread Starter

    Can we please have this stickied? Anyone? :)

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