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New Superpad III (Flytouch3) does not work at all.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hilox, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Siegen

    Siegen Lurker

    I'll wait a few days to see if I get the SD card with the firmware. Unfortunately I have no confidence in the seller (not want to return the money) nor in Paypal that ignores the case.

    If you do not get it to work properly, try to put another OS and if not work for me, the only option is going to be throwing it away!

    Bad buy, I can not recommend neither the seller nor Paypal!

  2. lennyratz

    lennyratz Newbie

    Mercury is the latest buggy flytouch 3 clone. you should send it back for a full refund to get the Disco10 iBex Flytouch 3 or iBex Flytouch 3.
  3. lennyratz

    lennyratz Newbie

    How did paypal ignore you? if transaction is less than 45 days old you can file a dispute / claim in the resolution center. If that fails, call your credit card company to file a Chargeback.
  4. dart16

    dart16 Android Enthusiast

    Just how is it 'not as described' ?

    it is 'faulty on receipt'
  5. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Android Enthusiast

    Have you seen an apple or orange? It's more like Ganny Smith or Washington Red.

    So when I ordered 4 Flytouch 3, and they all came with the exact same motherboard, model disco10, components, and 8000mAh batteries, as an ibex branded Flytouch 3 but the box just said Flytouch on it, I was ripped off and should have started action to get my money back? Even though I also paid $20 dollars a piece less?

    You do understand there are no clone factories, right? There are only a handful of factories that everybody wholesale purchases from. A couple will build to your own specs. But in the case of the Flytouch it is a cookie cutter design based off of the look of the original Gnome Flytouch. Gnome was a brick and mortar business. Even your worshipped ibex brands come from these factories. There is no ibex factory.

    In previous threads you have mentioned how "cloned" pads have inferior components and ad nauseum bring up Tim's and Flans ROM breaking the wifi as an example. So then was Chinagrabber duped by an evil cloner warlord, when their own tablets had the same problem causing Tim to release 6A to fix it? No it is because they had the same hardware and firmware change that all the others did. But because they buy in larger quantity it took them longer to get the new stock. It is why the term 803 was created for the firmware change that identified the problem 08032011. I spent many hours working with Flan to find as many versions of the working firmware to help him try to fix it.
  6. dart16

    dart16 Android Enthusiast

    Paypal wont see it as apples and oranges 'mate'.

    Go back to Siegen's Dec3rd post and read the sellers description. The item supplied was exactly as advertised. If the purchaser thought he would be getting something different then that is his fault, not the suppliers.

    If you make a complaint against a supplier citing 'not as described' and the seller replies to paypal saying they sent exactly what was advertised, along with pictures, Paypal will find against you and you will not be allowed to complain about the transaction again.

    You really need to stop commenting on stuff that you clearly know nothing about.
  7. michalole

    michalole Lurker

    i just got my flytouch 3 and i got some worries.

    Any movie on youtube dosent work.
    on App market there is only couple apps to download.
    when i go by website to app market there say that my device is not reconize.

    i couldnt upgrate any adobe flash player, i should get some flas but im not sure.

    any ideas how i can fixed this?

    Model nr. Android P1001R
    Androi ver: v2.3 20011-11-24 (001112)
    Kernel ver:

  8. lukey8000

    lukey8000 Newbie

    Guys I rooted it, then unrooted it through Z4Root by pressing the unroot button. Now I'm really scared because I did a factory reset and now the screen doesn't respond and it stays at the unlock screen. :( Help please!
  9. RHORY

    RHORY Lurker

    for Fly3 plug in usb keyboard, most problems caused by rooting glich -usb debugging being turned off. You will also need a usb mouse and a micro SD card, you will need z4root and install manager. z4root for reroot and install manager to enable usb debugging if you cannot access it any other way.

    Turn tablet off insert SD card turn back on, use keyboard F6 will take you into APK manager you can install z4root and install manager from there, you should be up and running after reboot, it is a good idea to install Quick Reboot also. Whatever you do in future make sure usb debugging is active and if you are rooted do not remove root, or you will end up in the same place again. Hope that helps, Merry Xmas to all

    regards Rhory.

    PS F1 will take you into settings.
  10. Snecer

    Snecer Newbie

    You schould download a youtube apk from android market.
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