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We just bought my daughter an Android Tablet for Christmas. It came with Apps. already installed but when we try 2 download apps like Skype and others it just keeps saying error and some numbers. I have read the manual and it says nothing about this problem. When i researched online it says to clear the cache, why would i have to do that if its a new tablet? Can anyone please help me download apps! Do i need an SD card? Im sure by now u can tell Im new to this tablet even tried going onto Facebook to play Words with Friends and it doesnt bring up the games that im currently playing when I am using my laptop, it brings up a game but not one that ive been playing its very strange ..please help!!!!!:thinking:


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What make and model Tablet did you get, so I can best direct you for proper support, ;)

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If you could, like Don asked, provide some specific information on the tablet you have, also maybe the code error you are receiving.

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