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New to Andriod - ActiveSync quizzing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by joseaugustin, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. joseaugustin

    joseaugustin New Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 25, 2011

    I am new to Android. My first device is the Galaxy S2 ATT. I was earlier on Blackberry bold.

    I have setup ActiveSync on my Corporate Exchange server. I am having a lot of issues viewing emails on the phone. Every time, the phone refreshes the mailbox, it removes all the mails from the phone and shows me a screen with "No Email". Post that it starts downloading all my mails from the last 2 weeks in reverse chronological order. The issue: It takes almost 5 mins for the mails to load up and show. Is this how the activesync email works with android? On my BB, all the mails were locally stored and any new mails will be added. Even if I am not connected to the network the older mails are always available. Is my understanding that this is not how android works correct?

    Any help will be appreciated. I have tried searching for solutions without much luck :(



  2. 78Staff

    78Staff Member

    Oct 22, 2011
    Something doesn't seem right there... Are you connecting to a server, or to an owa front end?

    I connect to OWA site and do not see the symptoms you describe. I can say Exchange AS setup is quite tempermental... Originally I had issues where I got everything to sync except the inbox, ie contacts, cal, and folders under the inbox all sync'd fine, just not any email in the inbox. After fiddling with it I just deleted the account and re-created it - and all worked fine after that. You might try whacking the account and recreating just for grins to see if any change?

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