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I just started using a Android phone and was looking through the apps in the market.

I have a slight question about downloading free apps. Before you download apps there are permissions that you allow them to access. For example when it says "Storage - Modify/delete SD contents"..does it just mean it stores them on the SD card or does it mean it will somehow modify and delete things at random on your card?

I just want to be alittle cautious since I'm new to all this, and if we don't like the app we could just erase them permanently without it affecting your device right?

Thank you for your time!


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Depending on what your app does, it would need permissions to do different things. For instance a file manager app would need to be able to modify and delete contents on your SD card. If it cannot, then it would be a pretty crappy file manager if it cannot manage your files. A news reader app would need internet access if it gets news articles via the internet. The apps should not do things randomly. They should do things that make sense. If the app asks for permissions that does not make sense, like a screen brightness widget that wants to send SMS's, I would be wary about installing such an app.

It is good to be cautious. One thing I recommend you do is read the user comments on the app. If there is some issue with the app, I find that often the user comments will reflect that. You just have to filter through some useless comments as not all comments are useful.

You should be able to uninstall apps that you no longer want or use. It is generally best to do so as to not waste storage space.


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I might add that some apps allow you to back up settings for that app as well as contents. For example: I use a note taking app that needs access to my SD card and to modify it. This is to back up all of my notes that I have on a schedule. It keeps using the same space on the SD card, but overwrighting it with the updated info.


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Stuntman: Thanks, sounds reasonable about the feedback and common sense when downloading apps.

Ironass: Thanks for the links to the other threads, it was like the glossary of all the "Permissions" that they ask for. Really useful!

I started downloading some apps that i liked but encountered another problem. The download status was just idle even tho it said downloading but thankfully when i restarted the phone once, downloading was fine :)

Anys thanks for all for the help ppl ;)