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new to android. best way to sync with exchange. and sync notes?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Perch_44, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Perch_44

    Perch_44 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    well, i just got my droid incredible last week, and i'm in the process of getting everything set up on it.

    what have you guys found to be the best way to sync with exchange?

    and is there anyway to sync notes?


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  2. I have found Droid's Exchange support to be on the pretty weak side thus far. Using the built in mail app, my Exchange account stops syncing every now and then and the account has to be deleted and reinstalled to fix it.

    I started using Touchdown Exchange for Android and while it is a better/more feature rich app... it does not do Notes and it also needs to be reinstalled now and then and, also... when adding a Contact from phone call history... the phone does not give you the option to add to your Exchange or Touchdown account... just the Gmail or phone lists.

    I am not griping... I dig the phone, but it does have a lot of growing up to do. At this point, I am probably going to switch back to the native Exchange app so adding contacts from phone calls works correctly. Touchdown is awesome, no question about it... but the adding contacts glitch is a deal killer for me. Right now I have TD working but I have to go to the menu and tell it to sync to send and receive instead of automatic push and send.

    Guess I will be reinstalling the stupid account more often... maybe I need to learn something about either one of them but so far I am not too happy with Exchange support.

    Still the best open source-(ish) mobile computer/phone combo available IMO
  3. volcom1216

    volcom1216 Member

    I have had that problem about push not working correctly. I'm the network admin at my work and it was really bugging me. Especially coming from a BES user. I had my Storm 2 as backup just in case I couldn't get exchange on the Incredible working correctly.

    I noticed that when there is a conflict between phone and your excahnge box, it will show a red light bulb, meaning push throttled. it will not Push at this point and I do not know if it will fix itself. I didn't want to wait.

    Anyways, what I did was make sure there wasn't a bad or corrupted email. I logged the Touchdown error under diagnostic and saw my sent box kept trying to sync. So, I moved everything from my Outlook sent box to a PST file on my desktop.

    Tried Touchdown again and it started to Push again like my BBerry. So starting from clean boxes, except for Inbox, it's now been working great for a week. Fast emails and can once again beat my desktop outlook in receiveng messages.
  4. redifrogger

    redifrogger Well-Known Member

    I use Exchange and haven't had a single issue with it working on my Dinc.
  5. linusvpelt

    linusvpelt Lurker

    I just got a Dinc with Android 2.2 OS. I have tried several methods

    HTC Sync which is really limited but works all the time at least.
    Touchdown - which crashed my OS so bad all the factory defaults got reset and I had to reinstall all my third party apps. Never did get to the bottom of that but was afraid to try again.
    MyLink - which in my stupidity I paid $15 for. This app is next to useless. Several bugs on client and mobile side and most synced items cannot be edited from mobile side (i.e. tasks - cannot change status or even 'complete', cannot add additional contact information.) Waste of my money.

    I use Outlook exclusively for personal and business use and really use tasks often. There appears to be many others out there that do as well. Someone would make a killing if they could perfect and app that synced Outlook with most of its functionality intact. Prior to the Dinc I had a BB Pearl and also used a Palm. BB didn't have a great "Complete" Outlook solution either - Palm pretty much had it down - Hoping someone from HTC utilizes that resource and figures it out.

    In the meantime if anyone knows of another solution I could try let me know. Looking for a single solution not interested in any of the "all you have to do is sync outlook with google and then sync that" solutions. I have seen that, would love a way that eliminates steps.
  6. boatman

    boatman Android Enthusiast

    reading this thread with interest. had a mot droid since it came out, but with pop3 email and outlook. terrible sync capability between outlook and android.

    using k9 as mail client with pop3.

    just set up an imap via my isp, will try k9 with it and let you know how it goes. using companionlink to do the syncs between outlook and contacts and calendar on phone.

    coming from bb and treo, agree that android severely lacking in this, and while someone could make a killing, this should be native!
  7. Neil143

    Neil143 Newbie

    since the upgrade to 2.2, I've been having exchange sync issues. Just spent an hour on the phn with Verizon tech support today. Did a hard-reset on the phn to no avail. Now they are saying that my company exchange server has to have a self-signed signature in order for mail to work on 2.2. UUUGGHH!! It was working fine with 2.1.

    Anyone know how I can go back to 2.1? Everything was working well with my phn on that firmware version.
  8. linusvpelt

    linusvpelt Lurker

    Yes, I think it ought to be native too, but talking with my IT guy at the office he mentioned that most of the world does not use MSOutlook as their organizational client. I guess it is fairly cost prohibitive to the average home user (of course so is a $300 - $600 phone but you see everyone with those. :) )
  9. dsb9938

    dsb9938 Well-Known Member

    Test drive Touchdown for Exchange.

    You get 30 days free. I think it's one of the best Exchange apps I have ever seen. Make sure you really kick the tires, I mean push the buttons, you'll love the views and options.

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