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New to Android...got photo Apps?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Red-Droid, May 31, 2010.

  1. Red-Droid

    Red-Droid Member
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    May 14, 2010
    Corporate Wiseguy
    San Antonio, Tx.
    In anticipation of the 8mp camera on the EVO dropping this Friday...what photography apps exist?

    Unlike iTues app store...I can't see what's available unless using an Android phone.

    I will get my first one withe the evo



  2. mostlyundecided


    Apr 24, 2010
    I had to come write about this app, I took some great pics with my HTC Incredible 8 gig camera and uploaded them to Facebook using the stock photo viewer app on the phone, it uploaded great, but it doesn't give any photo album choices - it just uploads to the "Mobile Upload" album in my Facebook. I wanted to upload to a different album than Mobile Uploads, I tried Facebook for Android, no luck, Facebook for HTC Sense, no luck, I tried using full browser, no upload avail. If I uploaded to "Mobile Uploads" album and then tried to move photos to another album, it wouldn't let me, only offered option to delete them, for some reason Facebook makes you rename the entire "Mobile Upload" album. (although I later found out that when your rename the Mobile Upload album in Facebook anyone who shared that album is still linked with the new name, so go ahead and rename it without worrying about that).

    I now can upload to any Facebook album, even create new albums on the fly with BFF PHOTO, it only had a 3 star rating so I wasn't expecting much - but it is one of those sleeper apps - I don't know why it had 3 stars because it is a terrific app - it easily let me add an album to Facebook and then upload pics to it, actually would let me upload pics to any of my Facebook albums - click on a pic and you get a list of albums to choose from! On a holiday weekend where you go to many events over a few days, this is a nice feature! This saves you several steps because if you upload to the Facebook Mobile Uploads album you then have to rename the album, then move all the photos to whatever album you want them in...a pain to do from the phone on the fly - I want to enjoy the party not play with my phone. BFF Photo let me just take pics and then a list of Facebook albums came up and I picked the Facebook album I wanted it to go to - quick and easy.

    You can also upload videos, and it will grab photos from your phone using the stock photo viewer or ASTRO file manager, which I had installed. It also has a very nice skin.

    I used BFF PHOTO all day yesterday with no problems out in the middle of a lake with a very weak 3G signal. You can even take pics right from inside the app - so cool. My friends were thrilled to have the great memories in an album that contained only the pics they were interested in and could easily share. I went to the market this morning and gave the app 5 stars...and got kudos from my friends who loved sharing the fun snapshots. BFF PHOTO :)

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