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I have been using my iPhone 1G ever since it came out and I am wanting to jump to the Samsung Captivate. Initially, I was excited to use Android because of the customization and freedom. I hear about rooting and sideloading, etc which doesn't sound too bad, I like to tweak things.

Then I come across a few threads here that got me confused/disappointed based on what little I know of Android.

1) Can I wipe away AT&T's rom and install a clean Froyo rom? Isn't that what rooting allows me to do?

2) AT&T can see what I do with my phone, especially the apps I have installed. Really?

Basically, my initial mentality was that I have free roam as long as I root/side load. The more I read, it seems like I am still restricted by the kernel, rom, something.

Please clarify or point me in the direction of a guide of how all this comes together.

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How do I delete this thread? I found some literature over at XDA.


Check out this article:

Five Great Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

and this one helps you decide what ROMs are best for you:

How to Choose the Right Android ROM for You

and of course there's this thread that explains how to get rid of the crap pre-installed:

Bottom line: AT&T doesn't give a crap about what you do with the phone, but if you brick it or try to return it without the factory stuff installed you're SOL. AT&T can see data to/from your phone, but could honestly give a damn about what you do with it. And even the data that they "see" they monitor for data usage rates, nothing else (much like an ISP).


1.) Yes and No, You do need ROOT to install custom roms but the Froyo rom is very buggy right now, Just wait. With root you can easily remove unwanted bloatware apps. Besides 2.1 is WAY better than iPhone 2G

2.) ? Well anyone can potentially "see" what you do with your phone. However the agreements you consent to with "Google" not AT&T provides google with information based on usage, not actual information.

Basically, there are current restrictions but c'mon, your coming from the worlds most locked down phone since the nokia 6120, oh wait, that was more customizable than iphone 2G. The android design is very open even with ATT restrictions in place and root is all you need to get non market apps and full access to file manager. As for the custom roms what do you want them for? Some new features maybe, a little different layout. Samsung is going to ensure this Galaxy S series goes well so don't expect to wait forever for an update. And remember, in the end this is a phone, a really really good one at that. I do alot with my phone and to be able to customize it so that i can get to what i need super fast is a HUGE positive. Hope this helps