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New to Android

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by joe.filippello, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. joe.filippello

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    Jul 21, 2010
    The real iPhone killer was the arrogance that Apple showed last week in not admitting to many issues with the iPhone 4. I was a loyal Apple customer and started my iPhone experience with the 3G. I talked many people around me into getting them and most people understood my enthusiasm and loved their iPhones too. That being said I was very excited about all of the hype surrounding the iPhone 4 and stood in line multiple times for hours, finally landing one on AT&T launch day, which we know was different as AT&T did not have them on Apple launch day (in the store for those of us that do not pre-order and like standing in lines with other excited people).

    My iPhone 4 was gorgeous and fast. Applications and media were amazing. It was the bestest iPod ever!.. That being said, I dropped more calls than ever. I used to drop about a call a day on my 3G driving home from work talking to my fiance and just thought I was driving through an AT&T dead spot and lived with it. I then was excited about the iPhone 4 and it's revolutionary antenna. That excitement was nullified by dropping even more calls than before. We dropped at best only a call each day and normally more. I dealt with this headache and tried to be patient through it.

    Then the press conference! The arrogance that Apple showed was disgusting! This phone is severely flawed (dropped calls, signal attenuation, proximity sensor) and they treat us like we are stupid. I did not call AppleCare to complain because the complaints were all over the Internet. I would love to give Steve Jobs access to my AT&T account so that he could go through my bill and see that I had to call my fiance back every 5-10 minutes on my 40 minute drive home from work due to dropped calls. Unacceptable behavior to deny the problem and then offer me a stupid case to solve it. If I wanted a case on my phone I would by one. I am not broke and treating me as so is disgusting.

    This drove me to purchase the Samsung Captivate on launch day. Being new to Android I was kind of sheepish and excited at the same time. The first night, Sunday, was amazing. This phone is just awesome and the screen is almost as gorgeous as the iPhone 4. Monday was day one of testing by calling my fiance after work. Zero dropped calls. Tuesday was day two of testing and we had a dropped call. On her iPhone 3G she got the beep, beep, call failed. It was her dropping the call and not me.

    Now I have seen many complaints about GPS and battery. The battery is pretty horrible as compared to my iPhone(s) so far, but the fact that I have not been able to put the phone down could be a part of that. The GPS issue has been there, but when using it for navigation it has been pretty spot on. I do hate, hate, hate the fact that AT&T has disabled sideloading, but thanks to the InterWebs have been able to get around that.

    I am new to Android and if it keeps going as such I might have to stand up and shout it louder. Last night while lying in bed still mad as heck at Apple I had a thought....might be time to put the iPad on eBay or CL and then consider doing the same with the Macbook.... "Be the change you want to see in the world."


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