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Hi all :)

Forgive me if i am in the wrong section or if this has been asked before but..............

I just received a galaxy ace today and i have no idea how to use it, i must confess i was an iphone head but not anymore :) i went into the market to download a few apps, just the basic ones to get me started, so i chose facebook, solitare and angry birds, now solitare has appeared on my screen but the other 2 have not, i am assuming they have something to do with a little icon on the top left hand side of the side, it suggests 2 items are downloading, now my question is....... where can i locate these programs(just to check the progress as it is like this for ages) or do they just appear in my menu :thinking:

sorry it is probably a simple solution but it is so different to what i am used to


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now i feel stupid, i found it under my apps in the market, but it wasn't downloading fb or angry birds, instead it was google maps and youtube :S