New to Android

I am new to android

Been a linux guy all the while

I purchased a Gionee phone (Android 4.04 ) , which has some chinese apps preinstalled

But I cannot uninstall them because I need phone "rooted"
I find hundreds of links explaining how to root my phone , but none work
XDA , debugFS etc etc

This leads to a fundamental question , why is rooting not allowed. If I have my own device , why not let me run it as root ??


pain rustique
Welcome to the forums, ramprasadap! :hello:
That's a pretty loaded question, but much of it comes down to: the manufacturer, the carrier (if it's branded) and the development community.
Most mainstream phones like Samsungs, Sonys, HTCs, LGs are generally quite easy to root. But phones like yours, a Chinese phone can have no support from the carrier, manufacturer or developers to allow it.


The Doctor
Rooting is device specific, it doesn't matter what Android version you are on, the root must be specifically for that device. For example, The Galaxy S4 and the HTC One may run the same Android 4.2.2, but the root for S4 won't work for the HTC One.

As has been said before, you bought a relatively unknown phone brand when compared to Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, etc. Usually those unknown manufacturers do not release their codes, and thus no root exploits are available for them.