New to Atrix 2 & 4G, how fast should it be?


Hello all. Just got the Atrix 2 leaving the Captivate behind. I've been messing with the Speed Test app and was wondering what kind of numbers I should be seeing. I'm in Tampa, FL which is one of ATT's LTE market, so I believe I should have decent "4G" HSPA+ coverage. I know there are variables that influence the speeds, but what are the ranges I should expect (high/low).


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I average 2300bps on downloads and 1100bps on uploads, but have had as high as 7511bps on downloads and 1771bps on uploads. I have the Atrix 2.

Carlos A

I get great speeds. I reported my OG Atrix, broken they sent me the Atrix 2.
And I am extremely happy with the speeds I'm getting. I'm getting between 4-6mbps during normal day hours. Once its 10pm or 9pm speeds start to increase to as high as 15mbps.
I live in Providence, RI