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New to B&N Tablet

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mbtaylor29, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. mbtaylor29

    mbtaylor29 Newbie
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    Hey guys, hope everyone is having a good holiday! My mom just got a B&N Nook Tablet and I have a couple questions. She comes to me since she's technology ya know, lol. What are some cool things I should do/download? Can it play music? What's the benefits of rooting?

    Thanks for any advice!

  2. bobstro

    bobstro Well-Known Member

    Rooting, at least on 1.4 firmware, let's you sideload content and apps that aren't in the B&N Marketplace. I've blocked further updates since they allegedly prevent sideloading. I'm also not sure about rooting them.
  3. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie

    With B&N's software layer, the NT is basically a super e reader with limited media capability that's almost totally locked down to B&N's infrastructure. B&N's app selection in particular is extremely disappointing both in selection and price. Rooting and installing an alternate launcher (go, ADW, Launcher Pro, ect) turns it into a fully functional tablet with full access to all the Google services as well as B&N's and/or Amazon's if you choose. A rooted NT is in essence a totally different device than a non rooted one.
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