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Accessories New To Desire HD. Thoughts On Case, Battery, And 3000mAh Battery On Youtube

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by loulou, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello all!

    Sony Ericsson fangirl now progressed to HTC. I love, love, love my phone, but..like everyone else, hate the battery.

    I don't do social network updates, the only thing on is constant mobile data (as I'm with GiffGaff, unlimited). USB Debugging is on. No GPS. My display is turned down to the minimum.

    Last Saturday I found on a night out (my Desire HD's first excursion with me, drunk-in-charge) that I was paranoid about my phone being bounced about in my handbag. The screen's bigger than usual, so much more vulnerable.

    Recently bought a Proporta Aluminium Lined Cover to protect it, and get as drunk as I like, hehe. (Obviously it won't protect it from falling down the loo, as was my friend's Desire's fate).

    Again, the battery is a pain. It seems 1600mAh Chinese ebay batteries are probably false economy, apart from being spares. Here's a YT clip of a Mugen 3000mAh in an ordinary Desire, with new bulky back case: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKFK2F8bMDw

    Apparently Mugen only offer this 1300mAh for the Desire HD: [HLI-DesireHDSL] Buy Mugen Power 1300mAh Extended Battery for For HTC Desire HD / Softbank 001HT The Desire gets the 3200mAh. Bah.

    Reading through the xdadevelopers 3200mAh (for the Desire) thread (got the link on here, thanks guys).

    The music player was a concern for me as I use it as a walkman; so PowerAMP Pro and my trusty Koss PortaPro headphones make it a winner. Can I use the volume buttons to switch tracks, as on my older phones?

    Also, I got a new 32GB Class 4 MicroSD card from here: Memory2Go 32GB Micro-SDHC Memory Card Class 4 Did a h2testw to check it as soon as I bought it, phone seems perfectly happy. They had 16GB Class 10 cards for


  2. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert


  3. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the welcome! :)

    Really?! I had no idea the latest software clashed with MicroSD cards! (I'm using 1.72.405.3, Android 2.2.1).

    Have to do some reading. At the moment, the majority of my card is filled with games I'll probably never play (I tend to stick to Scrabble, Chess, Angry Birds, and I've just got over an unhealthy addiction to Game Dev Story!) :)

    Particularly appreciating the camera tweaks thread (though I have Vignette installed..I took some truly AWFUL pictures last weekend and was quite annoyed, though a more detailed understanding of the settings may help there).

    The video camera seems to fade in and out brightness-wise, if that makes sense, which is a bit irritating too.

    PS: From reading around here..touching the screen contributes to the blurry shots I tend to get. Got Steady Shot switched on, and Auto Focus off (apparently only useful in bright light), so see how that goes.

    This is mentioned all over this forum but really helpful: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=875230

    My last phone was a Sony Ericsson W995 and the macro shots particularly were amazing with barely any tweaks, so I've probably been spoiled by phone cameras.

    I love Swype (using the Beta). Wonderful how it does spaces and caps automatically. SlideIT and Shapewriter have their fans and I've yet to try them (I always believe in siding with one option once I've tried everything!).

    Using a touchpad without Swype makes me tear my hair out, and I don't have sausage fingers!!
  4. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    As for my "Can I change tracks on PowerAMP Pro by holding down the volume buttons" question, it seems, No, I can't, unless the phone is rooted. :(


    "(stock) Android OS doesn't send volume key presses to background apps or when screen is off. Some custom roms have these buttons remapped to MEDIA_* events, and also it's possible to remap on rooted phones."

    Though even more strangely, the volume buttons do change tracks if using a Desire Z.

    PS: As for the battery-munching problems I'm getting, apparently if you turn off "Mobile Networks>Enable Always-On Mobile Data" but still keep "Mobile Network" ticked, it will still connect to the net, but won't be constantly pinging when not in use. Hopefully that will solve my woes.
  5. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
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  6. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    There are ways, but I believe you need to 'root' your phone. I can't be faffed with doing that so I've just put the old card back in until HTC get the next update out. They also replace the SDcard if it gets trashed by their phone. Just make sure you have a copy of things that are on it.

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  7. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the quick reply, Dave. Trying to find articles about it (apart from here) but can't see much!

    I'm not bothered about rooting the phone..and it invalidates the warranty, but at least there is that option. Most of my stuff is divided between netbook/desktop so I'll make sure I have spares.

    I'm going to be a little paranoid about my new card now!!
  8. briped

    briped Newbie

    Hi Loulou,
    Here's another SE user turned HTC fangirl. I used to have an SE C905, and the only thing I really and truly miss about my 'new love' is a good camera. I used to whip that old phone out of my pocket and take pics of every- and anything, but lately I haven't really been bothered with photography. Yesterday I changed the settings according to [GUIDE] Desire HD Camera guide - all issues resolved - xda-developers (is that link in your post too?. Can't see it while replying ;) ), but I have yet to see if the changes will make me like the camera any better.

    Anyway, I use mine as an mp3 player too. (Actually, don't get me started at what I use it for, unless you want one of those 3kg novels) Like you I find it is essential to have a certain control via the button on my headset. At the very least I want to be able to start and stop the music, and was pleasantly surprised when I found Playerpro, which will even let me skip tracks via the headset button. It has a sleep timer function too. Very useful, as I tend to nod off when listening to audio books, and finding the 'page' where I nodded off is a drag :D It's not free, but well worth the money. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.tbig.playerpro

    I have yet to 'invest in' a 32GB card, and found your discussion very useful, so thanks for that, and yes, battery lack-of-life is a drag. My solution is low-tech. I haul the charger with me everywhere I go and panicked when I left it behind me one day ;)
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  9. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello briped (HTC fangirl)! :)

    I nearly got a C905, shame Sony Ericsson lost their way by bringing out one bad model after another (I know a few that had their C905s replaced a few times)..the camera is stunning, though.

    Have to try playerpro. I find with the HD I'm going along with whatever track is playing. It's annoying not having the ability to switch tracks without touching the screen.

    If my 32GB memory card gets mysteriously wiped, you can bet I'll be on here grumbling about it..
  10. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've jinxed myself! Today "Settings>SD And Phone Storage" says "unavailable"! Does that mean it's been wiped?!

    Edit: Tried my desktop's card reader and it works perfectly. The phone doesn't want to read it via the computer at all. Oh dear, I can see problems ahead..

    Reads mp3 files *sometimes* and games I've installed. Hope I don't have to reformat.
  11. briped

    briped Newbie

    Uh oh. I had a similar problem with my original 8GB card a while ago. I suspect that I forgot to unmount it (use safe hardware removal?) after using the phone as a disk drive. Omitting that is often the culprit when something goes wrong with an external drive, according to experts. Anyway, I don't have a card reader, but after several attempts I did manage to make my computer read the contents of the card so that I could take a complete copy of it as a back up. Unmounted, reformatted the card using the phone, then connected it as a disk drive to put everything back on the card. To be honest I fiddled with it a few times and do remember the odd beads of cold sweat on my forehead, but in the end it worked again and I haven't had similar problems since (touch wood). Holding my fingers crossed for you :)
  12. briped

    briped Newbie

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  13. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
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    I had no idea. It probably says in the instruction manual, and I'm someone who refuses to read them :rolleyes: I'll be careful to unmount the card after I connect to the PC.

    Hadn't even opened the headphones!! I hate tinny 'phones so I stay with my familiar Koss PortaPros. As they're being repaired I'm trying the HTC ones.

    There seems to be wired remote controls from HTC, though the basic one only does play/pause! HTC Audio Adapter for HS U350 with Stereo Headset: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    This one looks better but doesn't fit the Desire HD: HTC RC E100 Genuine Remote Control Stereo Headphones: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    Recommended elsewhere but Bluetooth: Jabra BT3030 Review (Bluetooth headset) - Headsets - CNET Reviews

    Can't see anything on ebay.
  14. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    This was recommended elsewhere on here:
    Belkin Headphone Adaptor and Remote Control for iPod: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics (I ordered one as it's cheap, though a few reviews say it isn't that well made).

    Also: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Griffin-SmartTalk-Headphone-Adapter-Control/dp/B001C0LBEG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1297889627&sr=1-3

    The Griffin Adapter GC10034 has volume control too, wish I'd went for that one. http://www.mymemory.co.uk/iPod---iP...fin-GC10034-Headphone-Control-Adapter---Black

    I've read some adapters have issues working with the Desire (particularly the Apple ipod controller) but that Headset Button Controller app will come in useful. From what I've read, those adapters work.

    Headset/adapters Ultimate Ears 200vi and Etymotic HF2 (pricey!) are recommended too.
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  15. briped

    briped Newbie

    Thanks for lots of useful links, oh refusing-to-read-manuals-girl. I know what you mean - Oh can't we just get on with it already?!:rolleyes:
    Anyway, it isn't just your phone you should unmount before disconnecting it from your computer. It's all memory sticks, cards, disks etc. etc. Geez, now you got me reading 10.10 - Disk Utility: What's the difference between "Unmount" and "Safe Removal"? - Ask Ubuntu - Stack Exchange. I didn't even know there was a difference, anyway, if you're a windows user it's the safely disconnect USB stuff button lower right hand corner - or at least it was in win xp :)
    I used these a lot with my C905 Sony Ericsson Wireless Stereo Headphones HBH-IS800 | Mobile phone accessories, but they do tend to stick out of my ears making me look somewhat like Shrek. The quality of the sound isn't top notch superb, like my tiny Sennheisers. I do like the in-ear type, and the Sennheisers I can even use under my old fashioned earmuffs.
    The Griffin thingy you link to does look good, but out of stock. I do like the idea of a volume control, though.
    Did you get your memory card sorted out?
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  16. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The memory card is flakey. I was shopping yesterday and PowerAMP suddenly said I had "0 tracks" and went silent (!). Some of the tracks were playing (skipping every :20 seconds, and no sound. Very weird). Rebooted and it worked.

    Hoping these issues get fixed with an update and I don't end up with a totally-blank 32GB! I've got some in-ears (including my W995's old headphones) but my ears don't like them, they keep falling out! Same as my dad.

    The Griffin Adapter GC10034 is showing on ebay.co.uk on Best Offer. [​IMG]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/GRIFFIN-HEADPHONE-CONTROL-ADAPTER-IPOD-GC10034-/200570614911?pt=UK_AudioVisualElectronics_HomeAudioHiFi_Headphones&hash=item2eb2f0b47f
  17. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  18. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
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  19. briped

    briped Newbie

    Got my problem sorted out. Playerpro does the job, so I'm happy too - well, just about. Don't trust your Desire HD with your SMSes. Suddenly all mine got deleted. Vanished - poof!! While I was asleep, even. They had vanished from sense too, so get yourself an sms backup app, is my advice. Other than that still happy with it, but after reading that so many apps have been infected my happiness is going downhill just a little :eek:/
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  20. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    :( The SMS problem is worrying..going to try one of the SMS apps.

    As for infected apps, I resisted an antivirus after I read LookOut was no good (though there's differing views, a bit like Task Killer opinions, which rumble on..).

    Eventually installed AVG Antivirus Pro before I installed Applanet (naughty) as I was so paranoid, and the recent virus scare.

    Got Dolphin HD Browser (love it), and an N64 emulator on there, though it's a little glitchy, but rather wonderful to play those games wherever the fancy takes me.

    It's the battery which annoys me!! If I'm nowhere near a USB or AC I'm doomed..

    Read a recent review of the Incredible S which is apparently more or less a Desire HD, with a slightly smaller screen, and souped up battery.

    I WANT an HTC higher-powered battery for the HD! *Stomps foot*
  21. briped

    briped Newbie

    Do. It happened to me twice now, and so far HTC customer service hasn't been helpful. 'Do a hard reset'. Me: 'will that recreate my text messages?'. HTC 'no'.

    Oh? I didn't read that. I bought the pro-version, and only wish it would back-up my text messages too. The thing with AV software is that you don't know if it's good enough till it's too late :rolleyes: When I stopped using MS windows I was so happy to get rid of all the malware protection software, and now I find myself worrying again. Seriously, stuff like this could make me go back to SE C905.

    I have Dolphin installed too, but it started crashing constantly, so I find myself using the stock browser, even if I bought x-marks and other extensions for Dolphin.

    I do so agree.
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  22. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
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    I'd think that any Antivirus is a good idea now (especially after the recent virus scares) than none :)

    I've got Handcent SMS installed, so far so good..texts seem to be coming on time, rather than hours later. Sent messages seem to be sending on time too.

    Dolphin does seem quite crashy. And it doesn't do portrait mode with Swype (not a big deal, though). I'll hang onto it a little longer. The newest Dolphin is 4.4.1, mine was 4.3.2 (installing it with Bookmarks To SD), so hopefully it'll be less buggy.

    *Swype in portrait mode seems to work properly so far with the 4.4.1.
  23. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member
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    Urgh, I've only had the Belkin adapter a few weeks and true enough, the wire came apart. Waste of money.

    With PowerAMP/Headset Button Controller you don't need an extra volume button, it turns out; you just hold the button down and it goes up in increments, then back to zero, until you let go. If that makes sense.

    Might try the Griffin, as I HATE using PowerAMP without volume/forward/back..such a pain.

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