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new to forum and android and having problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by silver2kgti, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. silver2kgti

    silver2kgti Newbie
    Thread Starter

    just wanted to say hi first and let yall know im a NEWBIE to the android OS (had an iphone previous)

    my phone is a G1 and i love it. when i traded my iphone for the g1 the guy told me it was "rooted"

    dunno what that is. i assume it is like jailbreak

    the phone worked for about a week. and now it wont even get past the android screen. i dont know what to do and id really like some help.

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  2. forgen7

    forgen7 Lurker

    I am in the same boat but these folks are definitely the paddles you need! you should check out the permanent threads and go to the sites and read and then try but if you are like me (overcautious) dont be downloading or messing with your operating system till you know what you want and how to get it. I am still trying to identify what i have..the apps are loaded in with widgits and i cant tell if i want to use them, i dont know how to find descriptions each app i try to open wants me to initialize this and that and access my everything. I do know from a permanent thread, that they need to know this info:
    Model: t mobile G1
    Firmware: 1.6
    Baseband 62.505.20.17u-
    Kernel version 42
    Mod version Cyanogen Mod-
    Build Number DRC83

    and this info is in settings>about phone it was on the bottom of the list on mine.
    now that i am here with this could some one give me some links to quicken my learning how to use this thing? mine was purchased used, i am on t-mobile without a data plan,
    i havent bought a phone from them since the 1999 because they are so hideous when your handset goes out if you dont have insurance, you are screwed sometimes even if you do they make you wait and the upgrade price was the same as i paid for this phone which seems to have some extras (i have had a motorola razor v3 great phone until you slam it in a car door, a few fancy nokias that couldnt take even a little sweat, and my latest, an old samsung at least i had some extra batteries and a spare to charge them in! now iwant to get serious about leaving my laptop at home i am running vista getting ready to chuck it for windows 7- vista is the WORST unless you count ME and 2000).if only i could get a mac..anyway t mobile has me listed as using a laptop stick for a phone and i dont have a contract with them just pay 39.99 a month for a thousand minutes with an at home modem phone with comcast internet cable which i really want to chuck i dont even watch tv and this combo is killing me. i need to do internet research, access websites and get streaming video sometimes from news sites and i want to sync with a pc.
    anyone want to help just post a list of apps to look at or sites to learn about them. i am willing to do some work catching up. i got burned on some very bad software spend days learning something only to find out it is useless and this android thing appeals to me-as a progressive organizer/labor advocate more power to the people please and get out from under the corps they just won over our supremes you know...our androids may be the last chance we have- public defenders arent all that good...anyway i know help is on the way if i dont wreck this thing before i learn how to use it! thanks for being the geniuses y'all are -i know my daughter could help but she doesnt live here and i cant afford to buy her a phone like this right now. realize how far we have come- i was organizing when we used DITTO to copy, grids to layout, and library microfilm to research. even though its tiny this is way better....show me a bluetooth mouse and keyboard, a projector or monitor i could sync to, and i really could leave the laptop at home. thanks anyone out there with a suggestion!!
  3. Sweed

    Sweed Well-Known Member

    is this the first time you shut it off correct?
    sometimes rooted roms take FOREVER to reboot.
    leave it alone for a while (while=a long time) you've been pulling out the battery when you thought it was taking a long time, didn't you.

    if this is not the case, my bad.
  4. silver2kgti

    silver2kgti Newbie
    Thread Starter


    turned phone off, removed sd card to copy everything to my computer, put card back in and now the phone gets past the android screen and goes to a black screen. really dont know what to do nor how i got it working again, was kind of a fluke. could seriously use some help.:mad:

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