New to forums


Well tonight will be my first foray into DROIDISM! My new Gnex was delivered today and is waiting at home for me. I came across this forum by googling: Galaxy Nexus must have apps... gotta get started somewhere and I got some good info from just the first discussion I dove into. Thanks for the forums.. I will be around alot in the next couple of weeks learning to go from my LG Envy (old-beat up-mismatched colored battery) to ICS! A camera that you can snap a picture without waiting 15 seconds for it to come up? UNREAL! and you can actually tell what the picture is of? NO WAY! A Video Camera? OMG! Face Unlock? Yeah I cant stand it ....I need to get home and unbox my phone! YAY!


Hey, congrats on the new phone! I hope you love it and can use the information here to get the max from it. Welcome to Android Forums. Thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy your time here.


Hello, thanks for joining the Ranks of Androiders -- nice to have you aboard the forum...

There are lots of Help, Hints, Tips & Tricks available for all Android Devices. I hope the information on here will be useful to you. Happy Holiday