New to G2 (VS980) What are some performance MUST DO'S? Tips? Mods? Best Roms?


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I loved my LG VOLT so much i wouldnt get rid of it. Well i finally did and even tho I am a few years behind, I couldnt get off wanting a LG G2... So thats what I own. I rooted it, and installed TWRP....

My question is, what are some other MUST DO mods to it? I dont like the all internal memory and no removeable battery, but ill survive on that. But what is going to keep it going its best? Should i move off the Stock ROM? 4.4.2 with 24a? Are their better kernels or something?? Should i do any updates?

Im on Straight Talk service, running CDMA Verizon, but not throught verizon itself.....

Where do I start?