New to HTC and chosen the Desire HD...


Have I chosen the right phone?!?!

I've decided to go with the above phone on Orange here in the UK but I wanted to see if I could get some answers to these questions (sorry if they're a bit dumb...):

I've ordered it on Orange as I've been with O2 for the last 2 years on my business contract but signal isnt superb at home where I work from whereas Orange is hell of a lot better...

  • Should be receiving the phone on Tuesday but will I be able to unlock it straight away so that I can use my O2 busines sim in the Desire HD when I go on holiday for a few weeks (want to take the Desire as I'll be loading Copilot sat nav on to it & my current O2 XDA mobile is on its death bed)?!
  • Secondly I will be wanting to sync my Outlook POP3 business email account so that I can keep my eyes on my emails whilst I'm away; is this setting up a straight forward process as it was fairly painful with the O2 XDA
Thanks for any/all answers :)


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The actual process of unlocking the phone only takes a few seconds. But you either need to:
(a) obtain an unlock code, which are usually around


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As for the email, yeah, there is a email client built into the phone so if it's just a basic POP3 account you should be able to sign in and be good to go. One thing I would look out for is the option to leave emails in the server though, so that your home PC can still download them when you get home. I'm not sure if the option is there (I don't use POP3 or the HTC mail app), but hopefully it is.

Mail remains on the server as default.