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New to LG

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ecniv, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Ecniv

    Ecniv Newbie
    Thread Starter


    My wife got me an LG 3D Optimus for Xmas, after a few hints :)

    Upgrade from an iPhone 3G (the old one).

    Anyway, previously owned a Samsung 7inch tablet running android and haven't used android in around a year - so I have a couple of questions that hopefully are easy to answer...

    1. I have the task manager on the main screen, and it keeps telling me that apps are running even though I don't open them. For Messages and GMail, fair enough. There must be a sync option somewhere (haven't seen it tho). But LG World, New !! and Gallery etc seem to run by themselves slightly. I usually kill them.
    Q1.1: Is this normal?
    Q1.2: Is there an app that can tell what is running and swap to it?
    Q1.3: Is there an app or a place to find the sync/run options?

    2. Video, bloody cool to say the least, blows the eyes a bit in the 3d and video recording. If I wanted to rip DVDs is there a recommended setting for resolution (xy) and bit rate (1500?) ? Or a preferred format (I'm currently ripping to mp4 from a few DVDs as a test).

    3. Mp3 - I read on a post/forum somewhere that to get ringtones and notifications I had to create folders with said names on the sd card, drop in files. I've done this and they seem to appear so is this right?
    The media scanner loads all of them though so apps list notifications mixed in with songs. Is this normal and is there a way of grouping or filtering that can be done on the files?

    Thanks in advance for any post replies :)

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  2. Ecniv

    Ecniv Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Got a fourth question:

    Tried GPS today - it seems very slow to locate me (failed for the first 10 times).

    Maps I presume is internet based... So probably slow, but GPS is built in isnt it? I will be testing again through the next week. Would be nice if it actually could find me though (and yes although I disable gps normally I turned it on via the pull down menu top of the phone).

    Of and a fifth question.
    To do with browser/data transfer. Has a little H in the top with up and down arrows. But sometimes the browser seems to freeze (wont go to a link no bar at the top moving). Any one had this? Is it normal?


    Thing that bugs me is apps that run in the background - eg hd background, or email (I have no external email details - only gmail which is its own app). Still haven't found out why it runs those...

    Otherwise - I am liking the phone a lot!
  3. rknair1983

    rknair1983 Lurker

    1.its normal
    2.You will get good task manager apps from market(google play)
    3.go to settings-->accounts & sync ther you can find the option and untick if not required

    Q2. will answer later as i dont have the link with me right now
    Q3. miui music player will give you option not to display files less than 800kb in music play list
  4. rknair1983

    rknair1983 Lurker

    Q4. Create a new text file and paste teh below configuration in it in your mobile and rename it to gps.conf

    Paste the file under system\etc and then reboot ..

    Check your GPS locking after this and revert . HOPE YOU HAVE ROOT ACCESS

    Q5 . H stands HSDPA (3G) you will have fast browing and when not in 3G it will be E-EDGE will be slower .

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