May 19, 2010
I bought a Motorola Droid last night. Now, before all the naysayers enter in, I just want to say that the HTC Droid Incredible and the LG Ally weren't right for me. I have wanted a Motorola Droid for awhile and I am still happy about the purchase. My question is this, at night when I am not using the phone, is it best to turn the phone off to conserve battery or leave it in standby? Any thoughts?
Honestly I would say that is a matter of preference. If you don't worry about getting calls or anything in the middle of the night then by all means turn it off if you like. I leave mine on (well I have the Incredible but honestly that doesn't matter lol) since I might receive a call and I also use it as my alarm. If you want to conserve power you can toggle off things that are updating while you sleep.

Hope that helped some.