New to this, looking to buy a SG3 & want to root it please help


Switching over from the iPhone due to jailbreaking dying out. I'm looking on craigslist to buy a Galaxy S3. Im on AT&T and looking to buy a white or black S3. Is there anything specific I should look out for? Also I plan to root my S3, should I look for a specific S3 model and does it matter what version of an OS its running in order to root it? Like the iPhone with jailbreaking.
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Welcome Zak!
As dread has pointed out, rooting is pretty straightforward and for me, on Verizon, it was E-Z!!:D
Just please, read very carefully and be sure to understand the process of rooting.
If you have any questions about the process, ask!
He also provided you with a link if you decide to stay with AT&T.
If you decide to switch carriers, there are different forums for rooting for different carriers.
They are listed at the top of this forum:D

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If buying the phone off craigslist, make sure the phone has a good esn. You can call AT&T to verify it, (to make sure it isn't reported stolen/lost).

Of course make sure the phone model is for AT&T and not another carrier.


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A lot of horror stories buying from Craigs List. Buy the phone everything good till original seller does not finish paying for it and phone get locked.