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New Update pushed to my phone today (LS755ZV9)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RocketHazmat, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. RocketHazmat

    RocketHazmat Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Today, I got a notification that a new update was available - LS755ZV9.

    Android Security Patch Level
    2017-06-01 -> 2017-07-01

    Kernel version
    3.18.22+ -> 3.18.22

    Software version
    LS755ZV8 -> LS755ZV9

    Not sure what system apps were updated, but I assume some may have been.

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  2. Crab Apple

    Crab Apple Lurker

    Just got the same thing today, just about to update now. Still waiting on the newest version of Android, though. :/
  3. Rob22445566

    Rob22445566 Member

    WARNING! This upgrade to LS755ZV9 (at least on my LG X POWER VM) had 2 unexplained effects that no other update has done.

    1) The majority of my major non-Google apps had their cache wiped and I had to re-login to many of them.
    Apps such as Waze, Spotify, I heart radio, etc.

    2) In the Google Play Store, my Auto-update setting was turned ON. I normally keep it OFF because I have
    several apps that I purposely leave at older versions for various compatibility reasons. I discovered after it was too late and ALL my apps had been updated. Now several of fav apps stopped working and I had to reinstall my older versions.

  4. Koughmin

    Koughmin Lurker

    I'm concerned that this is a malware attack disguised as an update. Why is the announcement written so strangely (truncated, with unnecessary underscores)? The fact that nobody at LG or VM can confirm for me that there is something called "LS755ZV9", let alone explain what it is, doesn't make me feel better.

    Link below to more confused people at a VM forum, getting utterly clueless responses from VM reps:

  5. RocketHazmat

    RocketHazmat Newbie
    Thread Starter

  6. Patrick Kelly

    Patrick Kelly Newbie

    I'm using a Pixel with Android 8 beta and none of those numbers match mine. The only one close is kernel 3.18.22. My kernel is 3.18.52.

    My phone is running fine.

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