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New User here blah blah yada :P

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by linkinkampf19, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. linkinkampf19

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    Just chiming in for the first time, hopefully not the only time. Picked up an LG Optimus V from RadioShack yesterday (only because my friend works there), and so far having a blast with the amount of freedom this device offers.

    I'm coming from a not-so-quite-smart phone, the Blackjack II from Samsung, and that was without data under AT&T. I still can't believe VM has this plan I'm on, and I'm almost worried I'm gonna look at my next bill and it will be hovering around the $70 point. I know it's a paranoia thing, but it's just blow me away that it's only $25 for this plan (WebTextEmail + 300 Min).

    Eh, I'm sure in a few week's time I'll be bantering about something else. Anyway, I'll be residing majority in the Optimus V forums, and the Optimus S ones as well, seeing as to how similar they both are, if not identical.

    Glad to be around, and hope to be around for a good long time. Peace out.

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    Hello and Welcome to Android Forums!!
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