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Support New User-Where's The Mic Icon On My New Alpha???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CORVAIRWILD, Mar 21, 2015.


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    Mar 21, 2015

    Mar 21, 2015
    I finally gave in and bot a "smart" fone. I've been a mobile user for almost 25 years, but didn't want the expense or distraction of a computer in my pocket. But my really terrible performing but bulletproof Samsung slide finally bit the dust after 6 years, so I tryed an Iphone 5, hated it, a Galaxy 4 Mini, too small like the Iphone, was given a nice S3, used it for 1 month but it wasn't able to access data, and I smashed it last week.

    So back I went to the AT&T store, signed a 2 year contract, but they couldn't transfer any of my contacts or anything, so I brot it to the (only) local repair shop, and in exchange for the smashed S3 (he wanted $175 for a new screen, so the deal was he got me up and running w the alpha, he kept and repaired the repaired S3), he was able to transfer all my contacts, picture gallery and even my text messages I was in the middle of.

    As I get used to this new gadget, I wonder where then mic icon has gone? I was used to it being next to the space bar on the S3, and using other models tips, I poked around for speech options, but nada.

    I'm in my 50's and have a busy job and a laptop at home, so I doubt I'll be the heavy user some younger or retired folks are, but email and being able to send pix is cool, but distracting from my real job!

    I would also like to put the ? and ! icon in place of the rather wide space bar. Is this possible? I noticed the , found a place to the left of the s p a c e bar..

    And on a side note, the store offerd me a Pelican case for 1/2 price, but after using it, I'm not happy with the raised lip that bears against my ear and the "P, 0 & backspace" and "send" icons are rather buried for my fat fingers. I may take a belt sander to the top ridge to accommodate my ear lol


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