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New Video trailer

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by shahrukh_hp1, Oct 7, 2018.

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    Hey guys we have recently updated our physics puzzler with more engaging game play and free fire rounds that are awarded during game (you can also get to play with new fireballs as lastly posted thread showed) . While doing all these updates we needed to show our updated game play and new puzzle levels .So we have a new game video trailer :


    Let us know what do you think about new trailer , and don't forget to check new updated game :)

Bounce n Bang : Physics puzzle

Bounce n Bang : Physics puzzle Forum


A new concept among bounce off - puzzle games
which will capture your strategic mind .It’s not that bouncing balls game to break walls; it’s much more fun with a fantasy medieval story behind this best puzzle game you’ll ever play ㋡ A unique enjoyable experience any bounce off game could provide. How to Play
1 - You have a cannon and unlimited cannonball supplies to shoot. 2 – Ball bounce off walls and other objects and goes as far as friction allows. 3 - Make perfect bouncy angle so your ball hits castle after bouncing through walls and blows up enemy to dust. 4 - 60 unique puzzle levels, all free. 5 - Dragons, King Kong size chimpanzee and fire breathing dragons will guard enemy for higher difficulty. One of the best physics puzzles that makes you think and once you know the solution; next stage will leave you in awe. Like any best puzzle games should do. Other features
✪Score higher and enjoy fun powers. ✪Unlock cool cannon with high fire power and longer target laser. ✪Score higher and enter world-wide competition , be among top best 50 players. ✪Unlock fireballs and hit villain with fire speed. ✪Collect golden coins to win bonus. ✪Place blockers to reflect ball while collecting coins and blow up enemy. ✪Free physics game for the whole family. ✪ Get ad-free version that will be in family library too. Enjoying our bounce off game? Please take a moment and leave us a rating & review!

January 27, 2019
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