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New vonage app is sweet!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by BiGMERF, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

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  2. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Extreme Android User

    Downloaded it to my phone and my daughters phone today, it actually works good. My only complaint is I have to look at the icon in the notification bar. If I could hide that it would be perfect.
  3. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    This app is under the radar, more need to know about it
  4. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Extreme Android User

    I have sent invites to the app to all of my facebook friends, I know a lot of them have android and iphones. Hopefully they all try it out, so it will become even more useful. I have been using the facebook chat today though.
  5. wmtoandroid

    wmtoandroid Well-Known Member

    The idea for this app is great, but there are too many problems for me to continue to use it until they are fixed:

    1) The app has no exit, so it will always run as a service unless you kill it in a task manager (most new users - about 200,000 a day according to google), won't even know what a task manager is, let alone know how to kill a service.

    2) It doesn't allow you to change your status to "busy", "away", etc. It just stays online.

    3) I noticed that about half my contacts didn't even show up on the contact list!

    4) No options to change the call behavior (i.e. ring type, vibration settings, etc.)

    Like I said, great idea, but poorly executed. I'll be keeping an eye on updates though.
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  6. thefuzz4

    thefuzz4 Newbie

    If you go to My Account > Settings > Settings and Invites then there is a log out right there. I know it's in a horrible horrible spot

    Also I'm running Cyanogeon 6 RC2 and the app will not stay running in the background. Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. wmtoandroid

    wmtoandroid Well-Known Member

    I've already uninstalled it, but since I use strong passwords for all my online logins, I would have to open Keepass and get my password every time I run this app if I were to log out every time. That would make it highly inconvenient, so I would prefer an "exit" or "quit" option instead.

    I'm in no rush... I'll wait for an update :cool:
  8. thefuzz4

    thefuzz4 Newbie

    Yeah one of the comments that was left for the app was to have it remember your password
  9. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    1. it does have an exit. goto my account>settings and invites>logout

    2. this would be nice

    3. all my contact are always there. the ones online light up in blue the ones offline are greyed out

    4.this is true but im sure its coming. by the way mine rings with whatever default ringtone i have set already, so i dont mind

    the app is only a few days old , so im sure it will get better
  10. wmtoandroid

    wmtoandroid Well-Known Member

    Just before uninstalling the app, I checked my contact list again and there were only about 25 of the hundred+ contacts that I have listed... every time I open the app the contacts and/or number of contacts changes :eek:

    When you log out, does it enable to you automatically log back in when you restart the app?
  11. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    i see all my contacts, when i scroll down

    when i log out and go back later yes i am able to log back in
  12. wmtoandroid

    wmtoandroid Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I'll still wait for an update though, in case they add some extra features. :D
  13. jfe

    jfe Android Enthusiast

    Looks interesting, need to find out how good it works
  14. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Extreme Android User

    It works really good but it hogs the battery, at least im pretty sure that is what is doing it. I am going to leave it turned off until there is an update or at least until more of my friends get it.
  15. Weazol

    Weazol Android Enthusiast

    I like it so far but I cannot tell which of my friends has it. When I launched it, it stated how many of my friends use it. But no names
  16. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    if they have it, there would be a lil v to the left of there name
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  17. Weazol

    Weazol Android Enthusiast

    oh ok, I will have to check for that then.

    Last night I was out drinking and at about 11pm I notice my phone is at 20% battery and I thought vonage was killing the battery, then I remembered it had been of the charger since 6am that morning.

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