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Support New x2 wont play youtube and other issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by queenrocks77, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. queenrocks77

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    Sep 12, 2010
    I'm the President of the planet Neptune (don't ask
    Missouri.... It's south of Iowa
    Just bought the X2 because I loved my X1 because it was built like a tank.

    1. I can't view youtube through the browser even with wifi. I can watch videos on the youtube app but I hate the youtube app.

    2. I'm a heavy user (close to 20 gigs of data a month) and my battery life has been terrible from day one.

    3. When I got the phone activated I asked the guy at the Verizon store how I could get my music from my old phone to my new phone (I don't know how to do stuff on my computer other than charge the phone). He takes my sd card from my old phone and put it into my new phone. Is that ok? I hate it when these store guys do crap like that! It makes sense and most of pics and all music carried over but not my videos! I like my 16 gig sd card vs the 8 but I want my videos back.

    Any ideas on my problems?


  2. Hello queenrocks77. I admit to being surprised when I see a user of a "new" X2 these days, as it's been out so long. I agree very much with how solid these and the X are built, that's one of the reasons I chose it over the Bionic and others.

    I've noticed that the more robust the browser, the better the online video experience is. Keeping Dolphin HD in my X2 has resolved issues I had with the smaller/lighter Dolphin Mini, which I use for basic browsing only. The configuration is important too: everything on (java and javascript, all add-ons, etc).

    When I was having problems, I did the old cache and data clearing of each app, then used the recovery cache wipe to lighten the load, and noticed better performance right away. If you don't know how to get to the recovery menu, click "show":

    1. Power down your Droid X2
    2. Push and hold Power + Volume Down while powering up, until "Fast Boot" appears at the top of the screen, then release both buttons.
    3. Push Volume Down 7 times to scroll to "Android Recovery"
    4. Push Volume Up to select.
    5. Push and hold Volume Up + Volume Down to access the Recovery Menu.
    6. Now simply use the Volume Up and Down buttons to scroll. Use the Power button to execute your selection.

    You're right, heavy use (20 Gigs? Ooo.. :D) will drain the battery each day. One way to help with that is to manually update ("on demand") the syncing apps/widgets such as news and weather and Facebook and Gmail, etc. That will stop the background services for those programs from running until you tell them to. Another way is to just have a look at all the stuff you have in there and make decisions as to what you really use and what is just sitting there using up resources. You might be surprised. ;)

    That thing of changing out SD cards to "move" the music to your device was stupid on the part of the Verizon floor monkey. There are better/proper ways of doing that:

    Files in general -


    Music -

  3. runtolive

    runtolive New Member

    Apr 6, 2012
    What about using the verizon cloud?

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