Newb help


Hello, first time poster. I just got the bionic after using the OG droid for 2 and a half years. I know some like it, some don't... but i love it. Of course im coming from an OG droid :p

Anyways, i have a stupid question. I have heard that if you remove the bloatware it will be faster. Cant imagine it being much faster but i'd like to do it. So that begs two questions from someone who isnt smartphone savvy.

1. What is bloatware lol
2. How do i remove it?


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Bloatware is useless apps installed by the cellular provider. Most of it can only be removed if the phone is rooted. The subforum for your phone model is the best place to learn about the ins and outs of rooting it - it's rewarding, but requires a certain level of knowledge.


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actually ... i think there is 1 phone that ... lets you remove bloatware..

i think i remember the evo3D was the first phone .. where they let you uninstall some of the bloatware. hhhmmm right?


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Sprint is starting to allow people to remove bloatware. They really don't have any to begin with. AT&T loads a bunch on.


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Bloatware is the pre installed apps that come on your phone when you get it new. They can be removed if you root your phone, BUT, be very careful and research what's gonna happen as a result of removing an app. The reason I say this is some apps are so deeply built into your phone, that removing it will basically mess up your phone big time. If I recall correctly, the facebook app on some phones will cause some big problems if removed.

Rooting is good for getting rid of a good bit of stuff if you wish, but make sure you research everything you're doing properly so you know exactly what you're doing. Read everything, multiple times ... esp if its your 1st time rooting a phone.

Keep an eye on this forum if you'd like more info on rooting/removing bloat as it becomes available: