Dec 25, 2013
Hi all from an iPhone user trying to solve problems for my son and his XperiaJ.

He says that he has sh1t memory (typical) and when trying to install/update an app the phone said not enough memory.... he has only added about <10 apps.

His Xperia also has a 32Gb external SD card as well as internal 2Gb. But he hasn't managed to t/f music to it yet.

When I go to Setting/storage ... it seems to list the details of three types of memory.

Phone Memory: Total Space 754Mb. Apps 633Mb Available 90.55Mb
Internal Storage: Total Space 2.01Gb. Apps 162Mb ... others... Available 1.59Gb
SD Card: Total Space 29.71Gb. Available 29.50Gb

Can someone explain the meaning of the "Phone memory" and the "Internal Memory" ? Where do the apps go when they are downloaded ? and why would this phone say insufficient memory ? I don't get it.