May 21, 2011
I recently purchased a smart phone thunderbolt it is my first smart phone which I use as a laptop. This morning the phone was frozen and I had choices on what to do, reboot was one of the choices, I couldn't figure out how to reboot the phone until I used the volume button to highlight choice and used the power on button as an enter command. I did (do) not have a clue as to what I needed or want so I just rebooted and the system restarted. What happened? I initially thought I may have contracted a virus ( I have AVG paid version) I have been playing with the phone to find out all of its functions where do I go from here?
Sounds like you were in the hboot menu. You access it by hitting power button and down volume at same time while turning on.... its useful for when you need to hard reset(restore to factory) and things of that sort.

Hopefully it doesn't turn into an issue.

Welcome though!!
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Fortunately, at this time, Android viruses are few and far between. That said it's good that you've planned in advance and your smartphone is protected.