Newbie and unsure if I'm in the right place.


Apr 21, 2012
Mornin' folks.

I am very new at this, so forgive me if I am not doing this correctly.
I have an LG Android Ally that I have come to love. It works so well, most of the time.
I have been experiencing a snafoo. When attempting to send a text (I am really new at this) certain letters will send me to a different screen.
What am I doing wrong?

If this isn't the place to ask this question please be kind to a 60 something lady and tell me where I need to be.

Thanks for the help. :shakehands:
Hello ladybug - welcome to the forums... thanks for joining!

Don't worry... we don't tell you off for posting in the "wrong" forum :)

I am not familiar with your phone, but if you head to the sub-forum for your device (LG Ally - Android Forums) and other users will be able to offer you help and advice for any device specific questions you may have.

Hope you find this place useful... if you need any help navigating the forums, hit one of us guides up (just not too hard though, ok ;))