Root Newbie...Just rooted...what rom?

Hello everyone...I am new to the forum though have been reading for about a year before posting myself. :)

I just rooted my phone yesterday using superoneclick, and downloaded apps to freeze apps, and an app for a firewall so pretty happy to have those options. The next thing I'm looking into is custom roms. Any suggestions on one that would work well with my phone? I do not use it as a phone, more like an organizer with some games and wifi internet.

I hope I put this on the right thread...I have a Samsung Fascinate. I never would have rooted it was always to scared to, but got a Samsung 2 7.0 tab so thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. :D

Thank you.


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Having a problem loading this...tried using Rom Manager, it says it loaded, but when I look at the reboot screen it does not show up and flashing any roms fail.

May try another forum, this one does not seem to answer. :(