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Newbie - Many questions on getting a new phone to work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mtsarpilot, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. mtsarpilot

    mtsarpilot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm a brand newbie - just got my Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate) yesterday and spent most of the night configuring and trying to get things to work. I am a computer geek and electrical engineer, so I dig in and try to nail it myself before asking for help, but on these topics I can't find anything in the forums and can't seem to solve it. I hope folks can help me out on how to address each of these.

    1) I have many issues. I hope it's OK to put them all into a single message instead of slamming the forum with loads of messages. Here's a number of issues / questions:

    2) USB Connection to PC - When I connect my device and select Mass Storage Mode, my PC recognizes the device, adds the new hardware, and allocates 2 drive letters. Yet when I open the drive it tells me "Please insert disk into drive E:". I've installed the Samsung's drivers (which seem to not really even apply) and tried their Kies software (which does not see the device either). I've tried this on multiple computers. Any suggestions?

    3) My e-mail and calendar are sync'd from my office's exchange server. The calendar ends up 2nd in the calendar list and all the entries have the dark purple background. Black text on dark purple is unreadable. Is there any way to change the color selections on the calendar boxes?
    The calendar app defaults to "My calendar" when I add a new item. How do I change the default to one of my other calendars (my work exchange in this case)

    4) The screen dimming seems to be tied to the screen lock. i.e. it stays bright and sucks battery until it reaches the timeout and locks. I'd like to leave the phone unlocked for 10 minutes but don't want the screen to stay bright sucking battery all that time. How do I get it to dim (or better yet, shut off) after say 30 seconds, but not lock until 10 minutes? I'd like to be able to touch the screen and have it come alive in that time window before it reaches the 10 minute timeout.

    5) The phone is registered to one Google account for the Market and my personal Gmail and Gtalk are a different account so I don't get spam on my personal email. GMail let's me configure my personal account. Gtalk (Talk app) seems to be forced to the registered account of the phone. How do I change the Talk app to let me tell it what Google account to connect with?

    6) All of my contacts come from my Exchange connection. In the contacts group they therefore are tied to the "Corporate" account. I want to group some of them in "Friends" group for example to give them a unique ringtone. It won't let me, indicating they are already assigned to the Corporate group. Is there any way to break this connection so I can give them a unique ringtone?

    Thanks to anyone who has insights on any of these !


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  2. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    2) Sounds like you're not mounting on the Captivate end. See the Captivate FAQ:
    Connectivity - CapFAQ

    3) I don't use my Captivate with my Exchange account (I have a dedicated Blackberry for that) but there are lots of complaints about the poor Exchange support in the stock email client. You might want to try a different client that supports Exchange better. See the Captivate FAQ:
    Email - CapFAQ

    5) Try using a different IM client that supports Gtalk (such as Imo IM) and configure for whichever account(s) you like.

    6) Same as #3
  3. mtsarpilot

    mtsarpilot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Awesome, that solved #2 and #5.

    I can't find a good calendar app that sync's to Exchange so #3 does not look good.

    #6 appears to be a function of just having the contacts come from Exchange, the e-mail app has no effect on it.

    I can't see a way around #4, is there by chance an app I am not aware of that addresses this?

    Thanks for your help, that at least got a few of these. If you think of other approaches on these others I'd love it.


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