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newbie needs basic help nexus7

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by DD4lifeusmc, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. DD4lifeusmc

    DD4lifeusmc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Total noob here. Needthe basic help.
    Got it from Office depot Nexus 7 32gig no sim slot.
    Ok I got it turned on and battery charged and signed in with my gmail account.
    The default home screen is titled my library.
    I want to remove individual items from it.
    I want to move the My Library to the furthest left home screen.

    Can I delete the My Libary, and then move the owners guide in it over to the far left screen? How.

    The store advertisement says it has a mini HDMI port. WHERE?
    On bottom is the micro USB for charging and devices.
    On left is a 4 port connector, but no explanation of what it is and why.

    Final question.
    Either by using a computer or the wall charger.

    Can I plug a 4 port non powered usb port into the wall charger, then a cable to the Nexus7, still charge it. And IF the micro Usb is also the Mini HDMI can I then connect the nexus to the tv with the HDMI cable to the usb port and play for example neyflix on the nexus onto the TV?

    My primary purpose for the nexus7 is to use it to display netflix on the TV.

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  2. DD4lifeusmc

    DD4lifeusmc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    never mind.
    After enough independent research I got my answer.
    Sure am disappointed no one here was able to provide the simple answers.
    But I got the answers and the piece of junk is going back to the store in the A.M.
  3. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker

    Welcome to the forums DD4lifeusmc - thanks for joining!! :)

    Sorry that nobody had answered you - please bear in mind that not everyone will be on line at the same time and that your first post was only a couple of hours before your second post :)
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  4. saptech

    saptech Android Expert

    Sometimes it pays to research first before posting. Most users volunteer to help also. There is a Nexus 7 subforum, you probably would have gotten a quicker answer posting there.

    Just some thoughts.

    KENNECTED Android Expert

    Welcome and please note the time of your posts. Its the holidays and a lot of people are not online as would be during a normal week.

    Please note there is a Nexus 7 forum that can provide help along with the users guide that came with the device.

    Please check that forum for more information.

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