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Newbie qustions about Contact and Voicemail

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by caverman, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. caverman

    caverman Newbie
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    Ok...a pretty big newbie to Android. I'm and iPhone user for about 5 years+ now. On my last upgrade I decided to try Android and got an HTC One X+. There were just a couple kwerky things that I didn't like compared to my iPhone and I took the HTC back and replaced it with an iPhone 5.

    My wife just got a Samsung Infuse and I've been playing around with it a little. I'm really starting to want an Android now. I went up to Best Buy and took a look at the Galaxy S4. Very nice phone....wish I could trade it out but I have to wait a little while get an upgrade price.

    In the meantime I wanted to learn a little more about Android so I can be prepared on how it works when the time comes. So, here are my first questions which were basically my minor reasons for going back to Apple. I know they are minor but they still bugged me enough to switch back.

    I'm hoping someone with Android knowledge could show me a way to overcome these issues.

    1. The one thing I noticed the Android didn't seem to do was remember where I left off with my phone. Lets say I go to my phone, by default the (the HTC at least) defaulted to the Contacts section. If I wanted to use the key pad I had to press it. If I wanted to see the call logs I had to press it. Ok...that's fine as long as when I leave and do something else like send a text and then I come back to my phone it should remember where I left off. If it was the key pad then it should start there. If it was call logs it should start there. At least that's what the iPhone does and I like it. I hated coming back to the contact section of the phone app every time.

    With my wife's phone it looks like the default is the key pad. Every time you leave and come back it's the key pad. I can live with this better than always coming back to the contacts but still it should remember where I left off.

    2. The contacts....they always have a little icon for an image. I don't use images for contacts so 99% of the time they are the generic blank image. This takes up some space and quite frankly looks stupid IMO. I just don't like having blank images next to my contacts. The iPhone doesn't use images when you display all of your contacts. It only displays images if you edit your contact or if there is an image and the person calls you. It's a much better design IMO. Basically the iPhone will use an image only if you add one. Otherwise it just doesn't show anything....not even a blank looking image.

    3. Voicemail.....there are times when I keep a few voicemails to go back to. On an iPhone you see the list of VM. If you want to listen to one you just click it. On the Android you don't get a list of VMs. So, lets say I have 5 saved emails and I want to list to #3....I have to hold down the VM button, let it connect, listen to at least the start of VM #1 (then save), then listen to the start of #2 (then save), then listen to #3. It is way more simple to just go directly to the VM I want plus I can see the phone number or contact info of the person that left me the VM. Again, a way better design IMO.

    As petty as that is, those were the main reasons I went back to iPhone.

    Does anyone have a way to address these issues? Or, is Android ever going to address these things?


  2. gtbarry

    gtbarry Android Expert

    Most people want pictures in their contacts, so you may have trouble finding a way to do this. But in the Play Store, there are dozens of Contacts apps (i.e. Go Contacts) and I am sure one of them will let you do that.

    You don't mention your carrier, but some carriers have their own visual style voicemail installed on your Android phone when you buy it. If not, a much better solution (in my opinion) is Google Voice. It is free with your Google account. You can have Google Voice takeover your voicemail service. Download the app and you get an inbox for voicemail with archive, delete, etc. You can access your voicemail from any web browser. You can have Google Voice send you an SMS with transcription. You can have Google Voice send you an email transcription with an attached MP3 of the voicemail.
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  3. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Android Expert

    All recent Android phones I've used go to where I last was - browser, contacts, whatever.

    +1for Google Voice. Terrific tool.
    I do not recommend installing Go Contacts or anything else from the Go guys.
  4. caverman

    caverman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. I'll have my wife take a look at Google Voice. I'll also see about the contacts stuff as well.

    BTW: my carrier is AT&T.
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Because you tried an HTC, you shouldn't compare it with a Samsung. The differences you noticed aren't because Android changed, but because the brand changed. Either way, the quirks you noticed regarding the contacts and phone app is irrelevant since you can replace them anytime. I'd recommend exDialer as the replacement app. It has an option to remove the pictures of contacts from the main display of the phonebook it has.
  6. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Anyone know why the HTC was killing apps peeps? On modern android, at Least 5 medium sized apps should remember where you left them :thumbup:

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