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General Newbie review and I love this phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by addictedtocars, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Apr 14, 2011

    Apr 14, 2011
    First this is my first smartphone. I am an IT guy for almost 30 years and love toys, but have resisted tech phones for years. I spent the last 2 months researching carriers and phones, was tired of tmobile after dropped calls and degrading service. I decided I wanted unlimited data while still available. Was torn between sprint and VZ was leaning to Nexus S 4G buti then gf insisted she wanted an iPhone. That pretty much decided VZ, but with their great coverage I aw happy, although I honestly fell in Atl ATT call quality sounded better. So I went to Costco and get the DC for $249 and will go back next weekend to get my $120 coiling refunded.

    I was hoping for bionic, but Moto delay scrapped that idea. TB looked nice, but the battery issues and random reboots scared me off that. The DC looked good, nut was iffy on Sammy reliability and slow upgrades. Not a big fan of LG because their support sucks. Was thinking X2, but wanted 4G. Picky ain't I?
    Watched the numerous reviews And early adopters and got encouraged. Two biggest concerns would be lag and TouchWiz, with close third of battery life.
    So yesterday I went and go it. Here are my newbie impressions;

    First impressive is WOW gotta love the AMOLED screen! TouchWiz did not oturn me off much as I have an ipad2 and while the cartoony icons and horizontal scrolling are clearly to entice potential Apple customers. I really can't say much about TW because I immediately put Launcher Pro so I could hidemall this bloatware for now. The gold and brown color scheme leaves a lot to be desired, wish they offered a few color combo choices.

    I did find the stock browser to be decent, but bogs down easily. Oblate much of that on flash heavy sites and am beginning to understand Apple's anti-flash position. After seeing Dolphin HD browser mentioned so much I down loaded that as my second app. Adding Launcher Pro and Dolphin browser really improve the usability nicely.

    The single core CPU seems very capable, as I am not a gamer, and the phone plays videos fine and is very responsive overall.

    4G, what pcan I say, AMAZING! VZ has dine an amazing jobj of rolling out LTE in ATL, I get solid 2-3 bars in my home, better than my Moto flip got. I drove around ATL and parts of north Georgia today and 4G was all along the highways and most of the metro areas I drive through. I did drop to 3G on the rural roads, but still had good coverage. On the first day I did have some issues connecting when it dropped from 4G to 3G, but today no such problems. I had excellent. 4G coverage in all my fav stores, Micro Center, Frys, etc. Did numerous speed tests and got very consistent 12-20 down speeds and 1-5 up.
    Since gf got VZ iPhone we did constant comparisons. Get a taste of 4G and 3G feels like a slug. Saw some concerns about signal reception, but the DC was solid, the iPhone usually had a slightly better signal, but nothing easy to tell since iPhone has 5 bars and dc only has 4.

    Finally battery life. Sure it is early to tell for sure, but phone came about 60% and I got 6 hours of light use, with display eating up 78%. I totally ran battery down until phone would not turn on, then did full charge. Full charge took 3.5 hours, not bad. Today I unplugged around 10am and hit the road. Constant fiddling with the phone, numerous speed tests, a few phone calls, dozen or two text messages, some web surfing and barcode scanner shopping while in store and after about 5-6 hours still had 66% battery left.

    All in all, yes I have no reference point and am a newbie, but the phone is impressing me, and i am a picky hard to please consumer. I already dumped some music and videos on the device and got a cheap gel case until I use it a few days to make sure it is a keeper. Unless something surprises me I suspect it is a keeper. I will look for a better case as the VZ cheapo gelling case is loose and already flapping in the breeze. I want to look at the Sammy dock, but it will not hold phone with gel case, I am hopping Seido releases a dock like they just did for the TB, has insert and notch so can hold phone with gel case and even extended battery.

    Some don't like the plastic feel, I don't mind since the phone is super slim, although I do like the feel and build of the TB and Rev.

    What would I add to the DC if I could, dual cores and a qHD screen. While the retina display is small it is razor sharp, so an AMOLED+ higher Rez screen would be super sexy. I know the makers struggle withmdesign goals of weigh, size battery life, I think they should make these phones a tad thicker and tr and get a 1800-2000mah battery in there and they would have a home run.


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