Newbie thinking of converting from IOS


Alrighty folks. First post on here.

Recently I've been thinking (a lot) about converting from IOS (iPhone 5) to Android (Possibly Samsung GS3) but have a few concerned thoughts. I'm pretty deep into the Apple Eco system (27" iMac, 13" Air, iPad Mini, iPad 2, 2 x iPhone 5, Apple TV etc) so worried switching to Android will be difficult.

Firstly. I really like iTunes and have everything stored on there. I've been reading up and would I be right in thinking that (with the aid of some software) I can still utilise iTunes. Early reading into it would seem that some stuff can (music) be but others can't (Bought movies, apps and books). What about photos? Currently have my photo library in iPhoto so when I sync my iPhone in iTunes I have the option to sync photos also.

Secondly. The whole customisation of Android is the primary appeal of converting. My main worry is that it does sound awfully complicated to do. Is this right? You can make up your own icons and stuff can't you? I assume once you've done it a few times it becomes second nature?

Lastly. The actual phone. Looking at the Samsung GS3 as I mentioned above. However, some light reading on the topic would highlight the possibility of a new GS4 in the not too distant future? If I was to buy a GS3 now would I regret it? A lot of sites gave it handset of the year so surely it is good?


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Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy and get feedback from others

I also like the Galaxy Note 2 check it out, also looks very promising, cheers.


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Welcome to the forums, N0ddie! :hello:
I haven't owned any iOS products before but know that yes, there is plenty of software out there to convert your files from iTunes to Android (Doubletwist comes to mind). You can also store your files offline in a number of services (Google Music, Dropbox etc).
Android can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. You can root, install a custom ROM and go nuts on tweaking it, or just install a new launcher and go from there.
Haven't seen too many rumors on the S4, but if Samsung stays "on track" it will probably be released around April-June. The S3 is still an awesome phone and will have plenty of developer support for a while.
Enjoy the site, cheers! :)