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Support Newby - syncing, battery .. help!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lesleyta, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Lesleyta

    Lesleyta Lurker
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    Hi all

    I'm new to android/HTC, being a blackberry then a Iphone user. I get bored easily with my gadgets so have moved onto the HTC Desire, and loving it so far.

    My one big problem, is the battery life ... now I've read lots about this and appreciate my battery life will increase after i've had the phone more than 5 days, but at the moment, it only lasts a few hours, which can't be right.

    Whilst at work, i have no access to a wifi connection, so turn that off. I've turned off syncing on all my apps - facebook, weather etc etc, all except mail on my gmail app as I want to recieve notifications of mail when they arrive. Butafter unplugging the phone at around 6.15 am, then using th phone for a couple of texts, a couple of checks of facebook, it dies around 1pm.

    Looking at my phone whilst at work, the arrows under the 'E' symbol are curently moving up and down, is this because it's looking for gmail all the time? I guess this is killing the battery??

    I tried setting up push, and turning off the sync on the gmail app, but the arrows still constantly moved.

    I also read the phone may be looking for 2g/3g all the time ... not sure what that means though :D

    Hope someone can help :)




    LECTER Android Expert

    Same thing happened to me in the beginning, took about 10 days to pan out.

    You can set it to gsm only if you like.

    I only have weather and Gmail set to sync and get well over a day and a half with mine now, even before rooting.
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  3. Lesleyta

    Lesleyta Lurker
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    Thanks Lector

    What does putting it on GSM only mean? No internet - i.e. no gmail? .... and how would I do that?

    I've seen a different post about charging in a certain way which will extend the battery - so trying that now :)

    LECTER Android Expert

    GSM is just a slower connection speed, everything will still work.

    Go into Setting, Wireless & networks then Mobile networks and then Network mode.
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  5. Lesleyta

    Lesleyta Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks - will give that a try. I harldy had 3g turned on on my iphone, only when i wanted to surf hard.

    thanks for your help!

    LECTER Android Expert

    This is a nice little dashboard app that does a lot, including easily switching back and forth!

    MySettings - Android Application on the Android market

    If someone helps you out, you can always hit the "thanks" button under their post. ;)
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