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  1. eladsdroid

    eladsdroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I have just purchased my first tablet a Asus Transformer Prime and its great so far,
    I have always had Palm phones and swapped to Android some time ago and love the operating system. I'm looking forward to participating in the forum discussion.

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  2. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Android Expert

    Welcome to the Prime side of life eladsroid. :)
  3. sporttrac986

    sporttrac986 Member

    eladsroid, I'm fairly new to the forum (late March), but just got my Prime on Wednesday.
    So far, so good. It's lightning fast.
    I do not seem to be having any Wifi issue(s).
    Works well @ home & work and took it to Panera Bread today, no problem.
  4. critcher

    critcher Member

    It's gorgeous, isn't it? :D
  5. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Welcome! Are you still using a Palm phone or have you switched to Android? It certainly helps for not having to use different platforms between your devices.
    After owning 3 Android tablets before the Prime, it's a huge breath of fresh air!
  6. Treknologist

    Treknologist Android Enthusiast

    Welcome aboard! The Prime is great and I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun with it.
  7. eladsdroid

    eladsdroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the welcome, I've had the prime now for about three weeks now and I have to say its one of the best thing I've purchased. I'm on it every night looking at the various forums I'm subscribed to and just generally playing with it. I have to say I cant find a fault with it.
    I liked the palm OS because it was a really simple but effective system, but we don't get much support in Australia for palm so I went to Android with my last phone, it seems everyone here has an iPhone or iPad,( I call them girls phones) so I got the Android in protest, but now I love the OS and as a result I just started looking for a tablet and found the Prime. the keyboard and long battery life is a cracker of an idea.
    All they need to do with the prime is to ad 3G or 4G and you have a world beater. :)
  8. redheadedguy

    redheadedguy Member

    Welcome! Prime is my first tablet too. loved Android for almost 3 years now, but they have all been phones.
  9. mdgreek

    mdgreek Newbie

    Just received my Prime also - is my first Android/Palm/iOS device (my phone is old school non-smart phone :eek:)

    Only 2 complaints so far are:

    1. the number of apps that cannot be installed because they don't support this great a tablet yet!
    2. streaming video through the browser is hiccup-y and slow-to-nonexistant.

    I tried to watch the Lakers game last not on TNT's web-site and it was close to worthless :(.

    Everything else is great though!
  10. Treknologist

    Treknologist Android Enthusiast

    Hi and welcome to the Prime. Regarding your complaints:
    1. What apps are you trying to install? I have yet to have a problem installing apps on my Prime. It would help to know what you are having problems with.
    2. Was your internet connection good when you were trying to watch video? I don't stream much video through the browsers but when I've done it it has worked fine. I do use Dolphin HD as my browser, though, not the stock browser.
  11. mdgreek

    mdgreek Newbie

    1. Mostly games from Gameloft that my kids like to play - Dungeon Hunter (1, 2, & 3), Spiderman, Oregon Trail. I am attempting to play some stuff with them to help "connect" :)
    2. Yes, I have a very good wireless signal, and websites are typically fast. But embedded videos chop and lag or freeze entirely.
  12. Treknologist

    Treknologist Android Enthusiast

    Ah yes, Gameloft. They have a number of games that will not run on Tegra 3 devices (not just the Prime) for reasons that no one knows. There is a petition for them to add support for these devices. It seems they have to some degree as I have been able to install some of their games to the Prime (like Modern Combat 3). You should check games in the Tegra Zone as they are optimized for Tegra 3 and I'm sure the kids will like them. The jetski race game (Riptide) is awesome as is Shine Runner. There are plenty of games you can run on the Prime, so I'm sure you'll find some for them to enjoy. Check out R-Type, Real Steel, Road Warrior, Pinball HD for THD, Samurai vs Zombies Defense, Sonic CD, Tiki Cart 3D.

    Which browser are you using to watch your videos? The stock browser?
    mdgreek likes this.
  13. mdgreek

    mdgreek Newbie

    THX for the suggestions

    Which browser are you using to watch your videos? The stock browser?[/QUOTE]

    Yes - the stock Browser - any suggestions?

    Also wondering about the best app for Podcasts/RSS Feeds. I am surprised there is nothing incorporated in "Google Play" for them.
  14. Treknologist

    Treknologist Android Enthusiast

    I use Dolphin HD as my browser. Flash Video does do better but it is very dependent on the quality of the connection. I usually watch video using my Slingbox app (since I have the device connected to my TiVo). That works well. I also watch Netflix videos with no problems using the Netflix app.

    I can't recommend anything for Podcasts or RSS feeds...I don't use them. Sorry. Maybe someone else can help out.
  15. critcher

    critcher Member

    I use the stock RSS feed reader. Does the job well enough for my purposes. I also have a few feeds as widgets on my homescreen. That's APW widgets, since there are so many skins available for them.
    mdgreek likes this.

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