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Newly installed apps crash.Why?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Android Question

    Thread Starter

    Whenever I download a relatively new app or with fewer downloads, then when I have them installed and open to use them. They crash . I want to know why is this? is this related to my mobile phone or my android version(4.4.2) or whatever.

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  2. Jhayzone

    Jhayzone Android Enthusiast

    Could be many things like your device doesn't have enough ram, hardware and software incompatibility. We might be able to help more if you can tell us your phone and its specs and the name of the apps that you tried to use.
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  3. If you're ram isn't sufficient then delete few old apps and installed new one. Then it might work.
  4. I think first one the thread creator is facing. Doesn't have enough ram.
  5. Pyr00HD909

    Pyr00HD909 Lurker

    Are you using cracking applications app like vShare?

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